New Zealand Truck & Driver : 2020-06-22

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INTRODUCIN­G TYRE INFLATION SYSTEM ON TRAILER AXLES WITH Only available with ROR 17.5”, 19.5”, 22.5” Super Single fixed & steer axles Tyres are the #2 running cost for every fleet behind fuel Under inflation is the leading cause of tyre failure Even a small pressure drop will impact on tyre life The Facts How it Works ThermALERT ™ STANDARD The patented P.S.I. ATIS provides constant pressure, ready to supply air to any tyres that fall below the recommende­d cold tyre air pressure setting – whether stationary or in transit Thermal Screw Stator 3 1 Utilizing the hollow axle as a conduit, air is routed through the axles. Air pressure is supplied from the Trailer’s Air Tank through a Pressure Protection Valve (PPV). Press Plug The patented ThermALERT™ feature helps avoid costly collateral damage to the axle, suspension and trailer. If a wheel-end temperatur­e elevates to abnormally high levels, the Thermal Screw core will melt Air escapes axle, out through the hub cap vent system. Indicator light is illuminate­d, alerting driver to potential issues 2 Regulated at the Control Box, filtered air is set to deliver air at the cold pressure setting. Driver finds a safe place to stop. 4 Air flows through the Problemati­c wheel end is repaired and new thermal screw is easily replaced. rotary union and tyre hoses into the tyres. Correct tyre pressure = increased tyre life (save $) Reduce road side call outs (save $) The only system that alerts the driver of a potential hub failure (health & safety) Why PSI ATIS? NZ DISTRIBUTO­RS

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