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CONTENTS Issue 236 – July 2020 2 FEATURE COLUMNS REGULARS MANAGEMENT CONTRIBUTO­RS Gerald Shacklock Dave McLeod Terry Wreford Hann Rod Simmonds Ross Hyde Tim Bird Olivia Beauchamp ADMINISTRA­TION Sue Woolston MANAGER Contributi­ons: Editorial contributi­ons are welcomed for considerat­ion, but no responsibi­lity is accepted for lost or damaged materials (photograph­s, graphics, printed material etc). To mail, ensure return (if required), material must be accompanie­d by a stamped, addressed envelope. It’s suggested that the editor is contacted by fax or email before submitting material. Publisher Trevor Woolston 027 492 5600 SUBSCRIPTI­ONS Sue Woolston $80 incl. GST for one year (11 issues) Overseas rates on applicatio­n NZ subscripti­on price Advertisin­g Trevor Woolston Copyright: Articles in are copyright and may not be reproduced in any form – in whole or part – without permission of the publisher. Opinions expressed in the magazine are not necessaril­y the opinions of, or endorsed by, the publisher. New Zealand Truck & Driver 027 492 5600 ART DEPARTMENT Design & Production Luca Bempensant­e Zarko Mihic ADDRESS Phone Freephone Postal Address Street Address Web +64 9 571 3544 0508 TRUCKER (878 2537) PO Box 112 062, Penrose, AUCKLAND 172B Marua Road, Ellerslie, AUCKLAND Hayden Woolston 027 448 8768 EQUIPMENT GUIDE AUCKLAND, NORTHLAND, BOP, WAIKATO, CENTRAL NORTH ISLAND Trudy Woolston www.alliedpubl­ EDITORIAL Advertisin­g NZ Truck & Driver Magazine PRINTING & DISTRIBUTI­ON Editor Wayne Munro 027 233 0090 Net circulatio­n – ended 31/03/2019 Printer Bluestar Retail Distributi­on Ovato 021 955 099 11,360 AUCKLAND, LOWER NORTH ISLAND, SOUTH ISLAND www.nztruckand­ Publicatio­n: New Zealand Truck & Driver Editorial office Phone PO Box 48 074 AUCKLAND 09 826 0494 is published monthly, except January, by Allied Publicatio­ns Ltd PO Box 112 062, Penrose, Auckland Advertisin­g Hayden Woolston 027 448 8768 Associate Editor Brian Cowan Dion Rout 027 491 1110­driver 1 Truck & Driver |

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