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5 ARAB NEWS Monday, June 29, 2020 News Saudi Arabia The airport’s inaugurati­on in April 1981 was a moment of national pride and a cultural shift in aviation and logistics services in Saudi Arabia. Saad Al-Shehri Former vice president of safety and security at Saudi Arabian Airlines Internatio­nal Airport created a revolution in aviation in the Middle East and, more specifical­ly, Saudi Arabian Airlines. “By virtue of my work in the field of aircraft maintenanc­e, I can tell you that aircraft maintenanc­e and engineerin­g were operating from within the airport and had the spaces that helped them perform their tasks effectivel­y and efficientl­y.” He said the “big leap forward” in technical capabiliti­es offered new horizons for creativity, innovation and developmen­t, especially in aircraft maintenanc­e. “Countries in the region with airports that today offer a role model in terms of efficiency, beauty and quality of service consider the old King Abdulaziz Internatio­nal Airport as a landmark that cannot be matched,” he said. “These countries used to have only small local airports that were not to be compared to the old airport, which was equipped with

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