Sunday Territorian : 2018-12-16

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FRONTIER 22 SUNDAY DECEMBER 16 2018 Territory rig THE LOOK HIGH STYLING This week in style with Kate Bowden RED CARPET Joel Edgerton, director and actor, 44 It’s not often a male outfit outshines the ladies’ but this sharp suit from Aussie doublethre­at actor/director Edgerton really took the cake. In fact, Edgerton has consistent­ly cut a standout figure on the red carpet for years so we can’t even attribute his style to newbie girlfriend and homegrown stylist extraordin­aire Christine Centenera. But one look at the perfect cut of this suit and the experiment­ation with colour tells you all you need to know: Joel’s a good one to copy if you’re lacking a little inspiratio­n. Blue looks bad on nobody but pay attention to details for that extra oomph: contrastin­g buttons, bow tie and pocket square but, overall, keep it simple and the focus on one feature – in this case the colour. STREET STYLE Kate Bosworth, actress, 35 While some may say this is a little extra for the airport, I personally am of the opinion that it’s fun to get fancy on planes, if they’re not long haul that is. But this russet-toned jumpsuit is just the ticket for relaxed summer events. The volume in the sleeves and the neckline is gorgeous but we also love the cuffed legs. Add a little Mary Jane and big glasses and you’re out the door – jumpsuits really are a godsend in terms of ease of use. BURN FOR YOU Candles the new beauty item “Women thinking it’s snowing outside as soon as you get a whiff of its wintry blend of cedar leaf, fruity clove, eucalyptus and pine. Last, but not least, Under The Mitsletoe’s combinatio­n of apple and berries is sweet and a little sexy thanks to a sprinkle of spice in the form of cinnamon. Crazy candle ladies will love it! with candles have replaced women with cats as the new sad thing.” So said Samantha Jones on But I challenge you to find any woman – or man – who wouldn’t be happy to receive one of these candles for Christmas. Hot tip: Let your candle burn for at least two hours the first time you light it to make it burn evenly. Sex and the City. Diptyque Sapin de Lumiere Room Spray And Candle Set, $200, What do you give someone who has everything besides an airfare to Sweden for a white Christmas? This set, which, if they close their eyes, will make them feel like they’re there. The candle and room spray’s fine fir tree fragrance, with a little sweet cedar thrown in, is like a warm log fire. Candle connoisseu­rs hold a torch to Diptyque and it’s easy to smell why. Glasshouse Fragrances Mini Candle Trio 2018, $49.95, glasshouse­ What’s better than a Glasshouse triple-scented candle? Why, three, of course! With blackcurra­nt, plum, lemon and lavender in the mix, the Night Before Christmas scent is like a delicious plum pudding, while White Christmas will trick your nose into NTNE01Z01M­A - V1 PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTE­D BY PRESSREADE­R PressReade­ +1 604 278 4604 ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW

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