Sunday Territorian : 2018-12-16

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FRONTIER 39 SUNDAY DECEMBER 16 2018 “Skippers should note that the police are really enforcing the no anchor zone in the harbour shipping channel now. “There have been a lot of snapper and jewies seen on the Elizabeth River cleaning table. “I haven’t heard much from the Finniss River but the Daly River crossing fished well when the water came over. “Shady Camp barrage has been fishing alright on the big tides. “Billabongs are too hot now, people going inland have been struggling.” Katherine Rod and Rifle’s Trent de With said there was not much to report. “It has been windy and wet with big tides over the last weekend,” he said. “We don’t fish much on big tides around Katherine, as the Victoria and Roper Rivers both dirty up on big tides and that means sitting around with a livebait is the only way to catch a fish. “We are getting a few barra now in the Katherine River, the Low Level crossing and Knots Crossing are producing a few fish, it’s only half a metre above normal but that’s all you need. You just have to wait a day or two after a flush for it to clear up.” Fishing and Outdoor World’s Jason Deigan said Shoal Bay was fishing very well until the wind kicked in last week. “There’s still been a few fish caught at Shady Camp, in the saltwater up near the barrage,” he said. “I’ve not heard of any big fish though, most are in the 60s and 70s. “Before it was blowing Dundee was producing loads of snapper. “I am hoping it will rain but the cyclone might suck all the weather away from us. “The East Alligator River got up to about 900mm over the crossing, it sounds like they have had fair bit of rain out there. “One crew went around to the Peron Islands before the wind came up and caught some tuna but no macks, they also got jewies, but no goldies, with mainly trickies and trout on the bottom. “I have not heard many reports from the harbour itself.” Tackle World’s Charlotte Klose said the wind was slowing things down. “We cancelled charters last week because of the wind,” she said. Meanwhile, the FFF Seadogs brag mat competitio­n at fishingter­ winds up next Thursday. It has been a cracker competitio­n this year with some horses entered, the old adage that “10 per cent of fishos catch 90 per cent of the fish” held true again in 2018. I NEED A HIRO Land-based sensei HIROAKI NAKAMURA shares his hard-won knowledge on catching the mighty barramundi without a boat I haven’t been able to catch any barramundi for a week. There are some complex elements that are considered to be the cause of that. As I wrote this last week as follows, a strong wind from the sea blows in the afternoon at this time of year in my usual fishing locations. However, a strong wind from the sea blew in the morning too this last weekend. It’s not good condition for the land based barramundi fishing. Saturday morning on December 8, I travelled through many traffic signals without stopping to the Channel Island. Strictly speaking, I stopped only one traffic signal on the way to the Channel Island. I thought “I’m lucky today.” Arriving at the Channel Island, I found the shallow water was very dirty. Normally, sea-barramundi won’t come to the shallow water with many fallen leaves floating at the sea surface. There were many fallen leaves on the water. In addition, I saw the floating spawns of the coral at sea in profuse amounts. As a result, I couldn’t catch any fish there. It’s very windy in the afternoon as expected. Sunday morning on December 9, I went fishing at Mindil Beach rocks. Unfortunat­ely, the strong wind had already started blowing. The seawater was very dirty. I saw the floating spawns of the coral there. As a result, I couldn’t catch any barramundi there. It was windy in the evening on Monday and Tuesday. 9am on Thursday is the deadline for my fishing column in It was windy Wednesday too. Even so, I had to go fishing. I didn’t had any fish bites on my lures at all. The rumble of distant thunder was a signal that a lightning storm was approachin­g. The rain came down in buckets as expected. I’m more afraid of the stroke of lightning than of the crocodile attack. I couldn’t catch any barramundi this last week after all. Unfavorabl­e conditions: Very windy Floating fallen leaves Floating spawns of the coral It cannot be helped. Such is the land based barramundi fishing. Sunday Territoria­n. in the evening on ■ ■ ■ ■ Join Field and Game, www.ntfieldand­ Like NT Field and Game on Facebook. Email: ntfieldand­ Or Check out Hiro’s blog: secretbarr­ V1 - NTNE01Z01M­A PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTE­D BY PRESSREADE­R PressReade­ +1 604 278 4604 ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW

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