A former football champion’s engrossing personal story of spirituality and rebellion, and an inspiring call to action against systemic racism.

The son of a Jamaican father and a Quebecois mother, Balarama Holness spent his earliest, most formative years on an ashram in West Virginia, learning the principles of equity and austerity, which would guide him through life. It wasn’t until he returned to Montreal at age ten with his mother and twin brother that he encountered virulent racism for the first time. Faced with a system that seemed stacked against him, Holness initially fell between the cracks.

Eyes on the Horizon is Holness’s story of lifting himself up through the power of self-determination, spirituality and no small amount of rebellion to confront the systemic racism of his city and his country. He accomplished this first through football, going all the way to a Grey Cup championship, and later through activism and politics.

Holness’s personal journey is connected to the social history of Canada, Quebec and the United States. Committed to reshaping society as we know it, he uses lessons from his own life to teach others about racism past and present, and to help people better understand how human beings should live and how to build a truly peaceful and just society for our children.

About the author(s)

Originally from Montreal, BALARAMA HOLNESS is an activist, social entrepreneur and a former defensive back for the Montreal Alouettes, with whom he won the Grey Cup in 2010. He completed his bachelor’s of civil law and his juris doctor’, with an interest in constitutional law, at McGill University. As a community organizer and activist, he promotes citizen involvement in key issues such as systemic racism, justice, equality and inclusion. The founder of Mouvement Montréal, a municipal political party, he recently ran for mayor of Montreal.

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