The Miracle : 2018-11-09

Local : 14 : 14


14 Safar 30,1440H November 9, 2018 LOCAL 3O DV IROOR V RQ ) DF ERR DQ ( .KDVV Pakistani & Indian Cuisine King of the Grill DQ KDVV FRP DQ .KDVV specializes in exotic Pakistani, Indian Grill and Karahi dishes made by our experienced cook from Pakistan. We invite you to come and taste one of our authentic dishes. We are sure once you taste, you will come again. ) DV 6W W DQFR : WR 0RQ DP WR SP 2 Q 6 DM .KDQ 7 V D &ORV 0V 4DP O 0RKDPP

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