The Miracle : 2018-11-09

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18 Safar 30,1440H November 9, 2018 canada CANADA NOBILITY IMMIGRATION SERVICES INC We Provide Services For STUDENTS IMMIGRATION TO CANADA Employees with Education Background & Work Experience Business Owners Entrepreneurs Investors ye round ss Ow Studying in Canada Studying & Immigrating to Canada Study Permit Matter (New, Extension, Renewal, Restoration)     Shahrukh Naseer  604 724 0690   VISA SERVICES We are a Licensed and Regulated Immigration Consulting Service Firm Located in British Columbia, Canada. censed m Locat Visit Visa Parent/Grandparent SuperVisa Work Permits   Note: For your protection, Always ensure you deal with a Registered and Regulated Immigration Consultant or Lawyer when getting advice on Canadian Immigration. BEWARE OF FRAUDULENT IMMIGRATION ADVISORS. CHECK REGISTRY OF IMMIGRATION CONSULTANTS AT  LTANTS h 500-535 Thurlow St, Vancouver BC V6E 3L2 9160 136A St, Surrey, BC V3V 7Z8 Email: [email protected] ( By Appointment only) . 3oSSies sit Zind EloZinJ throuJh each roZ hidinJ secrets froP so lonJ aJo standinJ Sroudly for those Zho ve fallen 1ever have and never Zill Ee forJotten :e Say triEute to every soldier Zho ve Sut so Puch over their shoulder 7hey have fouJht and defended their country Zith all their PiJht and Pade history )aPilies have cried 3eoSle have died $ terriEle tiPe had coPe Zar Zith Elood chaos Juns and Pore Several have sacrificed lives for us to live a life Zithout fuss :e thanN theP on a sSecial day of 1ovePEer Their bravery and boldness, we’ll always remember November 11th By: Aishah Ahmed, in Grade 8 from TLA ( Traditional learning academy)

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