The Miracle : 2018-11-09

Local : 19 : 19


19 Safar 30,1440H November 9, 2018 local 6LON D DODO & L L 5 WD D W 6D D 5G 5LF PR G , W FWLR 5RDG W WLF DODO & L & L L weet our &hicNen w 3ineaSSle eeS fried hrimSs Lunch Special $9.75 raised (JJSlant w eef in &hill auce ot Sicy hrimSs 8nSeeled ) O 0DG / F &RP R 2S 2S L R 2S L R L 0 WR 30 30 WR 30 ) L G & D 6S FLDO 6SLF G D OLF 30&OR G : G GD &OR G 6 W 6R )L 3L 1 W 6SLF ) L G :L : DO R GR &DW L 3 &DOO 6 DP & L 0 OLP 2 S I L G & LFN 6 F D 6W O & LFN R 6L OL , R 3ODW ) 3D NL DW 5 D # RRN R 3D WL LW /unch /ast call 30 inner /ast call 30 ,n the oly uraan urah l a Narah it states nd sSeaN Jood and be Jood with SeoSle e cause beinJ Jood to SeoSle is the ut most leJacy you can leave behind 2n 2ctober the 0 & hosted its th nnual )undraisinJ in ner at &rystal orN anTuet all The beautiful audience was filled with families and esSecially the outh The 3roJram started with a :elcome address and outline of the 3roJram done by the 3resident of 0 & rother .areem usain Then the 0aster of &eremonies rother hmed alih introduced the uraan eciter rother )ur Tuan 0emon and the translation was done by rother usuf ay um ,t was a beautiful recitation for the outh and their Sarents :e oSened the 3roJram with the reci tation of the uraan to Jive Sraise to od fun .nowledJe Jame was done by -annat uhaib )aisal and usuf They read the Tuestions to the children in the audience who answered it and won Sri es ,t was very interactive and all the children were enthusiastic There was a sSectacular taeNwon do Serformance Sresented by the outh of 0 & which was led by lacN elt ,nstructors dam and his sister lia ,shmail The hard worN and dedication of the outh were truly insSirinJ with them dis SlayinJ Soise and disciSline The Juest sSeaNer was a motivational sSeaNer sonJwriter 0r awud :harnsby li who Slayed live mu sic for the audience and insSired the outh and their families e Serformed his famous sonJs with new hits as well This was followed by the )undraisinJ Sortion where the audience Jave Jenerously The money raised will Jo towards outh SroJrams and maintenance of the buildinJ onia ndhi who ran in the last election for urrey chool Trustee Jave an imSactful sSeech about the imSortance of di versity )amily outh and worNinJ toJether as one community ,t is written in the oly uraan )or those who believe and do Jood deeds these are the dwell ers of the 3aradise in it they shall abide &haSter 9erse ,n recoJnition to the many years of volunteer services in the com munity and society 0 & Sre sented the ( /(1 family and the ((0 family with the /ifetime SSreciation ward These families have been maMor suSSorters of the 0 & and always Jive a helSinJ hand to anyone they come across either by financially or with Nind words maMor thanN you to hamim aider and 8 ma from &ar one 0otors who sSon sored the i3ad which ayaan won lso to the vendors imar 3abla :orN & and 0odesty iMab and )ashion by ahihan )erdous The 3resident concluded the 3roJram with a 9ote of ThanNs and reTuest ed everyone to lend their continu ous suSSort to the 0 & There was a Serson who envisioned a Slace where outh from all aJes reliJions and ethnic bacNJrounds can come Slay sSorts enJaJe in social activities and meet new friends This Serson was sJar usain who was the ,mam eJional 3ris on 0uslim &haSlain for ritish &olumbia To Sresent The 0 & is stronJer than ever with many events for the youth such as Sorts ays events elf e fense classes ,slamic tudy classes )ood )estivals and )amily ay events ,t is a uniTue facility which caters for the Shysical sSiritual and emotional needs of our youth The 0 & runs on volunteer worN ,t is the hard worN time and effort of individuals in our community which helS the 0 & strive By: Abdul Kareem Husain MYc hosted its 18th annual Fundraising Dinner at crystal York centre

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