The Miracle : 2018-11-09

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2 Safar 30,1440H November 9, 2018 oPInIon THEMIR A LE 0iracle 0edia Group Inc. & nWacW ,nI Mailing and Office Address 91 -1 A Street Surrey B&. 9 9 &anada Ph - 9 - )a - - 9 Respect, Sympathy Blaspheme /aw’ & nWenWs Middle asW IMPORTANT NOTE: Letters to the editor do not reflect the opinion of the Miracle media group. We do not publish anonymous letters or the letters of the people who do not disclose their identity to ‘ The Miracle.’ A writer can use a pen name or request ‘ The Miracle’ to withhold his / her identity. Please include your daytime telephone number for the confirmation of your letter. We regret the inconvenience. nder 1usrat Hussain Managing & ieI diW r 0. 1aseer Pirzada 6 E diW rs 0isbah Sabeeh AdYerWising Ph Pails info miraclenews diW rial ard editor 0r.Shams -illani, 0r Aslam Hayat, 0r. Azhar Syed, 0.A./. 1aumani, Graphic Design Design Teams & S rig W 1 0iracle 0edia Group Inc. All Rights Reserved Printed in &anada 3 ne Pails Piraclene s Wel s neW Piraclene sg gPail c P inI Piraclene s c P :eEsiWe Piraclene s c P diW rial ,nW 1e s cal aiW 3 liWics ealW : Pen iIesW le W 6cience 3aNisWan ,PPig 6S rWs 8rd IS&& and 0AT Strongly &ondemn Attacks on Synagogue in Pittsburgh

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