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TRI-COUNTY VANGUARD WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 9, 2019 lifestyles B1 B3 ■ Bay of Fundy Sea Kayak Symposium takes place Sept. 13-15 CARLA ALLEN sold out,” he said. About 28 coaches, from all over North America, Wales and Scotland, as well as support crew, have been lined up for the symposium. THEVANGUARD.CA YARMOUTH As of early January, the 2019 Bay of Fundy Sea Kayak Symposium has just 17 spots remaining. The event will be held Sept. 13-15. In the past, this biennial event has attracted close to 80 participants, plus coaches. While Ye Olde Argyler Lodge typically serves as a home base, sessions are held throughout the region, including Cape Sable Island, Lobster Bay, John’s Cove, False Harbour and Cape Forchu Lighthouse. Executive director Christopher Lockyer says things are being done a little differently this time around. “We’re only asking for 50 per cent to secure a spot instead of coming up with the full registration fee. I think it has worked in our favour as we are 75 per cent Sessions will include: • Short boat Surfing: Surfing in a shorter (10-14 ft.) boat, learning timing and catching waves. • Rock Hopping Play: This session is designed for paddlers with experience with coastal conditions, including surf zone and rock gardening, as well as having a solid roll. • Journey: While on the journey participants will have the opportunity to work on kayaking skills, while taking in the beautiful environment. • Water Confidence: This session is for those who want to become more comfortable underwater in preparation for learning to roll. The session will focus on exercises to promote comfort underwater and progress to moves that will help with rolling and bracing. In connection with the symposium, this year a community dinner will be held on Sept. 14 at youngest paddler to circle Iceland by kayak. “He’s an amazing man and a very accomplished sea kayaker,” said Lockyer. the West Pubnico legion that will be open to Yarmouth and Argyle residents. Tickets will be sold online and at a few locations in and around Argyle. Lockyer says the dinner will be a fundraiser for local groups. Speaker Nigel Foster will provide a kayak presentation from around the world. Foster is an English sea kayaker, kayak designer instructor and author. He is the first and For more info For more information on the Bay of Fundy Sea Kayak Symposium visit the website:

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