Daily Maverick : 2020-09-26

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READERS’ VIEWS 168 16 26 Sept - 02 Oct 2020 out Readers speak Why saving a job is as important as creating a job – and often more powerful (DM 21/09/2020) refers. Without structural reform of the labour and other related legislatio­n, job creation will not be a priority and specifical­ly for SMEs. There is simply too much potential risk and trauma associated with this. I also see many companies and organisati­ons trimming employment levels post the lockdown Level 2 as they have learnt that they can actually do with fewer people and/or introduce alternativ­es to employing people directly. Gerrit Marais Conversati­ons are a two-way street and we appreciate the views of our readers. If you have an opinion about any of our stories please email it to DM168@dailymaver­ick.co.za

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