BBC Music Magazine : 2019-04-17

The Full Score : 16 : 18

The Full Score

Thefullsco­re Great artists talk about their past recordings This month: ANDREW NETHSINGHA 18 BBC MUSIC MAGAZINE REWIND conductor modest, unassuming man. There’s such extraordin­ary integrity in every note that he wrote and he had an amazing sense of space. ★e was there for the early performanc­es and I was able to explain to him my ideas for the stage management. I was pleased that he liked these and gave his approval. In the Nunc Dimittis there is a section which sort of builds up on the words ‘to be a light’ and everybody sings at di!erent times. It’s a little bit like flickering candles – one lighting another MY FINEST MOMENT Jonathan Harvey Deo Edward Picton-turbervill (organ); Choir of St John’s College, Cambridge/ Andrew Nethsingha Signum SIGCD456 (2015) ★arvey was a student at St John’s and an honorary fellow, so we performed the Magnificat for his 70th birthday in 2009. When I looked at the score I had no idea what most of it meant; most church musicians don’t do that kind of music, so it really stretched me and I learned so much from it. I think he was one of the great composers of the late 20th century, but such a Studiosecr­ets

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