Sunderland Echo : 2021-01-15

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Sunderland Echo 37 Friday, January 15, 2021 PROPERTY PERSONAL FINANCE BRITANNIA EQUITY Are You 55 Yrs+ Home Owner? PROPERTY WANTED RELEASE TAX-FREE CASH TIED UP IN YOUR HOME Fund a longer, active retirement Looking for properties to rent Pay nothing while you live with a guaranteed rent offered in the home EXPERT 12 months of the year Support family with funds ADVICE OVER THE No more hassle, no more tenant finds, to buy a first home PHONE no more day to day maintenanc­e LOOKINN FOR A HOME IN SUNEERLANE? Boost your finances with no re-payments www.maidenscot­tpropertie­ CALL NOW 0191 5460071 0800 009 6813 Book a FREE MOTORS NEW Consultati­on Britannia Mobility & Bathing Aid Ltd: Registrati­on No 10571354 PUBLIC NOTICES VEHICLES WANTED WANTED PUBLIC NOTICES SCRAP CARS AND COMMERCIAL­S MOT Failures and Accident Damaged. Also cars wanted for RESALE Best Prices Paid gaN I&gi ,P fhcLNe@AcL odAi Fi da,cNp oAbNcLbNcg­p ,eLNe rtrn dei&LP is givun thot on 1yth Bonuory 2021 hunturlont Lity Lounqil motu HUSBAND’S TRANSPORTE­RS on ertur untur huqtions 32 ont 3y ont fort &m ow hqhutulu 9 ow thu goot VIEW PROPERTY FOR SALE IN YOUR LOCAL AREA. irowwiq gugulotion Fqt 19v4s .y virtuu ow thu irowwiq ,onogumunt Fqt 2004 DVLA notified. All areas covered, Open 24/7 ont oll othur uno.ling powurs ont owtur qonsultoti­on with thu Lhiuw ewwiqur ow foliqu in oqqortonqu with fort &&& ow hqhutulu 9 ow thu Fqt. FREE COLLECTION ihu uwwuqt ow thu ortur whiqh qomu into uwwuqt on 16th Bonuory 2021 is to Call 0191 5848970 or 07960 519626 omunt thu wollowing ortursr 1. ihu Lity ow hunturlont (eww-htruut forking floqus) ertur 201y; 2. ihu Lity ow hunturlont (nhit.urn goot Fruo) (noiting ont Cooting ont www.endoflifea­ NEW HOMES - EVERY FRIDAY forking floqus) ertur 2014; ont 3. ihu Lity ow hunturlont (lnivursity ow hunturlont Lity Lompus ont ,illwiult Fruo Lommunity forking ,onogumunt hqhumu (L,fh)) irowwiq ertur 2019 ihu omuntmunts introtuqu foy .y fhonu provisions to usurs to poy thu qor porking qhorgus through thuir mo.ilu tuluphonus. Ooqumunts giving moru tutoilut portiqulor­s ow thu ertur moy .u inspuqtut turing normol Ilslj Ikmq.ks opuning hours ot thu Iurton goots hunturlont­s (turing normol working hours) until six wuuks hovu ulopsut wrom thu totu on whiqh thu ertur is motu. F popur qopy qon .u ruquustut .y tuluphonin­g 0191y61161­2 turing owwiqu hours or on uluqtroniq qopy ow thu toqumunts qon olso .u o.toinut .y umoilingr stotutoryo­rturspsunt­ fluosu notu thot tuu to thu ongoing Loronoviru­s rustriqtio­ns thu Liviq Luntru moy wull .u qlosut to thu pu.liq ont thuru moy .u o tuloy in rusponting to your ruquust. Fny purson wishing to quustion thu volitity ow thu ertur or ow ony ow its provisions on thu grounts thot it or thuy oru not within thu powurs qonwurrut .y thu Fqt or on thu grounts thot ony ruquirumun­t ow thot Fqt or ow ony instrumunt motu untur thu Fqt hos not .uun qompliut with moy within six wuuks wrom thu totu on whiqh thu ertur wos motu opply wor thu purposu to thu aigh Lourt. Ootut 1yth Bonuory 2021. fotriqk ,ulios Lhiuw Pxuqutivus Liviq Luntrus Iurton goots hunturlont. FuMliN I DRTHl Eo0iNR COVID-19 UPDATE FROM JPI MEDIA: BP 5ou rOquirO H EuJUiC I CORHU notiCOM our tOHV i, ,tiUU on SHnN to H,,i,t 5ou fitS tSi,. Dur Ju,inO,, Sour, HnN NOHNUinO, fiUU rOVHin tSO ,HVO. Aor Hn5 OnquiriO, in tSO Pir,t pUHCO pUOH,O OVHiU puMliNno0i­NRsLjpimRP­ fitS 5our rOquirOVOn­t,M CnNluPinT your Sull nHmRO  Bull MusinRss HPPrRss inNluPinT pos0 NoPRO  A Non0HN0 0RlRpUonR numMRr  Bull worPinT Sor 0UR no0iNR you rRtuirR  ERwspHpRr 0i0lR HnP PH0R rRtuirRP.  Aor PurtSOr HNviCO pUOH,O CHUU tSO tOHV on 0207 023 7931 FINA YHLI FIHNT AHHI NEW VIEW PROPERTY FOR SALE IN YOUR LOCAL AREA DISCOVER HOMESEVERY WEEK IN PAPER AND ONLINE