The Scotsman : 2019-05-11

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Wednesday 15th May BBC1 BBC2 STV 6.00 Breakfast.* 9.15 Rip Off Britain.* 10.00 Homes Under The Hammer.* 11.00 Neighbourh­ood Blues.* 6.30 Rip Off Britain.* 7.15 Garden Rescue.* Undiscover­ed Worlds With Steve Backshall.* 9.* 10.00 Victoria Derbyshire.* Newsroom Live.* 11.15 Politics Live.* 1.00 The Boss.* 8.00 Sign Zone: 9.00 BBC News At 11.00 BBC 6.00 Good Morning Britain.* Consumer show. ( R) ( R) News and current affairs. Jo Coburn and guests discuss the big political issues of the day. Quiz hosted by Susan Calman in which one contestant becomes the Boss and has to use judgement and tactics to decide which player is best suited to answer questions. ( R) Paul Martin and Danny Sebastian are in Swindon to collect unwanted items to sell at an auction without letting one inspiratio­nal local resident know the fundraisin­g is all for her. ( R) Ray sets up camp in the Amazon jungle. ( R) Birds of a Feather actress Lesley Joseph joins Brian Conley to discuss how a production of David Copperfiel­d and June Whitfield’s comedy timing inspired her stage and screen career. ( R) Si King and Dave Myers’ baking tour takes them to Germany, where they turn out potato bread with asparagus soup, and also make their own meat- filled rolls and Black Forest gateau. ( R) ( R) Morning magazine featuring a lively mix of news and current affairs, plus health, entertainm­ent and lifestyle features. Entertainm­ent, current affairs and fashion news, as well as showbiz stories and celebrity gossip. Presented by Lorraine Kelly. The host invites guests to air their difference­s over family and relationsh­ip issues, and provides them with his own brand of no- nonsense advice. Another helping of topical studio discussion from a female perspectiv­e, featuring celebrity interviews. ( R) Neighbourh­ood officers in Sunderland attempt to calm tensions between two sets of neighbours. ( R) Anita Manning hosts as experts Kate Bliss and Jonathan Pratt help the reds and blue teams find bargains at Elsecar Heritage Centre, South Yorkshire, on a budget of £ 300. ( R) 8.30 Lorraine.* 11.45 Defenders UK.* 12.15 Bargain Hunt.* 9.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show.* 1.00 BBC News At One; Weather.* 1.30 Reporting Scotland; Weather.* 1.45 Doctors.* 2.15 Impossible.* 10.30 This Morning.* 12.30 Loose Women.* 1.45 Street Auction.* Jimmi and Rob uncover some uncomforta­ble online realities. Rick Edwards hosts the quiz in which contestant­s compete for the chance to win £ 10,000 with a single “impossible” answer knocking them out for the day. A self- employed couple hope to apply a rural backdrop to their married life and business, so Jules Hudson helps them find a new base on the Welsh border on a budget of £ 365,000. ( R) The designers create a welcoming and warm outdoor space in A broken hand mirror and a painting of 1.29 STV Appeal: Get Involved.* 1.30 ITV Lunchtime News.* 2.00 Judge Rinder.* 3.15 3.30 Cameras follow criminal barrister Robert Rinder as he takes on real- life cases in a studio courtroom. David Dickinson and the team are in Blackpool, where Debbie Serpell finds an Edwardian brooch and Jo Brayshaw sets her sights on pantomime posters. ( R) Ben Shephard hosts the arcade- themed quiz show, in which contestant­s drop tokens down a choice of four chutes in the hope of winning a £ 10,000 jackpot. 3.00 Escape Ray Mears’ Bushcraft.* The TV That Made Me.* 3.00 To The Country.* Dickinson’s Real Deal.* 3.45 Garden 4.15 3.59 STV Weather Central.* 4.00 Rescue.* 4.30 The Repair Shop.* The Hairy Bikers’ Bakeation.* Tipping Point.* Swindon. the river Thames are restored. ( R) 5.15 6.00 6.30 6.55 Pointless.* BBC News At Six; Weather.* Reporting Scotland; Weather.* Party Election Broadcast.* 5.15 Flog It!* 5.00 The Chase.* Quiz, hosted by Alexander Armstrong. From the National Maritime Museum, Cornwall. ( R) Quiz show, hosted by Jeremy Vine. ( R) Farmers sell their chorizo, sausages and meat at the Irish Game Fair. David, Rhiannon, Marianne and Ebby compete. 6.00 6.30 Eggheads.* The Farmers’ Country Showdown.* 6.00 6.25 6.30 7.00 STV News At Six; Weather.* Party Election Broadcast.* ITV Evening News.* Emmerdale.* By the Scottish Green Party. ( R) 7.00 The One Show.* Magazine show with stories of interest from around the UK, plus celebrity guests in the studio. Pollard is appalled by a revelation, Belle enjoys a distractio­n from her worries, and Dawn is horrified by a discovery. Ken refuses to haul Peter out of rehab to be at Carla’s side, Tim and Steve consider developing an app, and Beth makes a discovery about Kirk’s big break. 7.00 The Victorian House Of Arts And Crafts.* Using original tools and techniques, the six 21st- century crafters are set to make a Victorian double bed and bed spread, a bedside clock and plaster- wall decoration. ( R) 8.00 Watchdog Live.* 7.30 Coronation Street.* Investigat­ion show, exposing rogue traders and fighting for consumers’ rights. The rise and fall of the cult Scottish sporting hero, a two- time BDO Darts World Champion from Kirkcaldy who was known for his unorthodox throwing style and heavy drinking on stage. 9.00 Jocky Wilson Said.* 8.00 Great British Menu: The Finals.* The eight regional champions compete to get their main courses onto the final menu of the banquet at Abbey Road Studios. With guest judge, former Wham! star Andrew Ridgeley. 8.00 Britain’s Brightest Family – Final.* The two remaining families take part in the grand finale of the knockout tournament. Last in the series. Peter arranges to care for Carla 10.00 10.25 BBC News At Ten.* Reporting Scotland; Weather.* 8.30 Coronation Street.* 9.00 Forensics: The Real CSI.* National Lottery Crime investigat­ors use forensics to try to find a suspect after a teenage girl is raped by a stranger in a park in central Newcastle. Last in the series. New series. Cathy and her family arrive in the countrysid­e to celebrate Derek’s birthday. Michael arrives too, which Jason finds troubling. Comedy starring Lesley Manville. Analysis of the day’s events. at home. 9.00 Planet Child.* Update.* Chris and Xand van Tulleken set out to explore how children develop a sense of their own identity and whether girls are really different to boys. Last in the series. 10.35 Scot Squad.* Chief Miekelson struggles to remain profession­al when the independen­t remunerati­on committee decide on his new salary, Karen takes part in a revolution­ary experiment that involves officers meeting the public on their own turf and Archie Pepper captures harnesses smart technology to capture Scotland’s dumbest crooks. ( R) 10.00 Mum.* 10.00 10.30 10.40 ITV News At Ten.* STV News.* Scotland Tonight.* Analysis of the day’s main news 10.30 Newsnight.* stories. 11.15 Horizon: Stopping Male Suicide.* 12.15 Sign Zone: Surgeons: At The Edge Of Life.* 1.15 Sign Zone: Race Across The World.* 2.15 This Is BBC 2.* ( R) 11.05 Nadiya: Anxiety And Me.* 12.05 21 Again.* 1.05 FA Cup: The Road To Wembley.* 1.35 Our Dementia Choir With Vicky Mcclure.* 2.40 BBC News.* 11.04 STV Appeal: Get Involved.* 11.05 Peston.* 12.05 Laliga Highlights.* 1.00 ITV Nightscree­n. 5.05 The Jeremy Kyle Show.* ( R) ( R) ( R) ( R) ( R) * denotes Subtitles SATELLITE FILM FREEVIEW REGIONAL VARIATIONS The ICC World Cup. South Africa At The ICC World Cup. Cricket Masterclas­s. Cricket Masterclas­s. World Cup Cricket Classics. Best Of England V Windies. Best Of England V Windies. Cricket Masterclas­s. World Cup Cricket Classics. Best Of England V Windies. Best Of England V Windies. Best Of England V Windies. You’ve Been Framed! Gold. Emmerdale. Emmerdale. You’ve Been Framed! Gold. The Ellen Degeneres Show. The Jeremy Kyle Show: Most Shocking Results. The Jeremy Kyle Show: Most Shocking Results. Take Me Out. You’ve Been Framed! Gold. Family Guy. American Dad! The Cleveland Show. Superstore. Superstore. Totally Bonkers Guinness World Records. Teleshoppi­ng. ITV2 Nightscree­n. 11.30 11.40 12.40 1.40 12.10 12.00 1.00 12.30 1.15 SKY CINEMA PREMIERE BBC SCOTLAND 2.00 2.40 3.45 Incontrol. Outlaws. Breath. Action Point. The Meg. Outlaws. Breath. Action Point. The Meg. Gangsta. The Clovehitch Killer. Perfect Skin. Incontrol. Monster Family: Special. Politics Live. The Boss. Street Auction. Politics Scotland. The TV That Made Me. The Hairy Bikers’ Bakeation. Flog It! Eggheads. The Farmers’ Country Showdown. Scotland From The Sky. Scotland’s Home Of The Year. Island Medics. The Nine. Sanjeev Kohli’s Big Talk. The Edit. Beauty Queen And Single. Big Thing. Close. 6.00 7.30 9.15 11.15 4.30 10.00 12.00 1.00 1.45 3.30 2.25 ITV BORDER 1.55 3.59 ITV 12.45 2.45 8.00 2.30 4.15 6.00 7.00 3.00 4.00 6.00 News Border.* ITV Border Weather. ITV News Lookaround.* ITV News Border.* Representi­ng Border.* Peston.* Secrets From The Asylum.* ( R) ITV Nightscree­n. 6.30 12.10 5.15 5.00 7.30 11.25 12.50 2.05 3.55 6.30 5.25 5.50 9.00 12.25 1.20 6.00 5.30 8.00 10.30 8.30 1.50 2.15 SKY CINEMA DRAMA 9.00 10.00 11.00 11.45 SKY SPORTS ACTION 5.45 10.45 Barefoot In The Park. Marshall. The Top Ten Show 2019. Cocktail. Tristan And Isolde. Katie Says Goodbye. Unforgetta­ble. Jerry Maguire. Atonement. Fifty Shades Freed: Unveiled Edition. An Officer And A Gentleman. Say Anything. Always. 6.00 7.50 10.10 9.55 12.00 3.50 Next 11.15 12.00 Sky Sports Boxing Gold. Fishing: Hooked On Africa. Great Sporting Moments. Great Sporting Moments. Darts Gold. My Icon. Live ANZ Premiershi­p Netball. Great Sporting Moments. Fishing: Hooked On Africa. NFL: America’s Game. NFL: A Football Life. Sporting Records. Sporting Records. Fishing: Hooked On Africa. Sky Sports Boxing Gold. Darts Gold. Darts Gold. Darts Gold. Sporting Records. Fishing: Hooked On Africa. Sports Unlimited. Fast Zone. NBC’S Profootbal­ltalk. Motorsport Mundial. Fast Zone. Watersport­s World. NBA Playoffs – 14/ 05/ 2019. Super League Gold. Super League Gold. Super League Gold. Super League Gold. Super League Gold. NFL – Greatest Games. Darts Gold. Darts Gold. Sporting Records. Sporting Records. Sporting Greats. Sporting Greats. 6.00 7.00 11.10 ITV3 7.30 7.45 8.30 10.15 3.00 2.15 5.35 Classic Coronation Street. Heartbeat. Murder, She Wrote. On The Buses. On The Buses. George And Mildred. Lewis. Heartbeat. Classic Emmerdale. Classic Coronation Street. Lewis. Heartbeat. Murder, She Wrote. Endeavour. Cleaning Up. Cleaning Up. Law & Order: UK. Law & Order: UK. ITV3 Nightscree­n. Teleshoppi­ng. 8.00 6.00 8.00 6.55 3.50 8.00 BBC ALBA 8.40 8.50 9.25 10.30 10.10 12.10 Alba Today. Tree Fu Tom. Gudrun – A’ Bhana- phrionnsa Lochlannac­h. Igam Ogam. Na Floogals. Stòiridh. Dragonan – Reis Chun An Iomaill ( Dragons: Race To The Edge). An Rud As Fheàrr Leam. Aithne Air Ainmhidhea­n ( All About Animals). Speaking Our Language. An Là ( News). Live Scottish Championsh­ip. Belladrum. An Lan – A’ Tuigsinn An Lain/ Tide – Understand­ing The Tide. Opry Le Daniel. Dhan Uisge ( Loch Maree). Alba Today. 7.00 5.00 5.25 5.30 6.00 10.30 10.00 2.20 11.00 12.00 1.30 12.40 1.45 4.10 5.40 5.55 1.00 2.00 2.50 5.55 3.55 7.00 10.00 8.00 SPORT 6.25 6.35 7.00 7.35 2.30 4.00 3.30 4.30 11.00 SKY SPORTS MAIN EVENT 4.15 12.05 1.05 2.30 2.05 Good Morning Sports Fans Bitesize. Good Morning Sports Fans. My Icon. Live ANZ Premiershi­p Netball. Great Sporting Moments. Sky Sports News. Sky Sports News At 5. Sky Sports News At 6. Sky Sports Tonight. Live EFL. Sky Sports News At Ten. Sky Sports News. Live NBA Playoffs – 15/ 05/ 2019. Sky Sports News. Sky Sports News. Sky Sports News. 6.00 7.00 8.40 7.25 5.00 5.30 8.30 10.15 5.00 7.00 9.55 10.00 6.30 9.00 7.00 E4 9.30 Hollyoaks. Hollyoaks. Rules Of Engagement. How I Met Your Mother. Baby Daddy. The Big Bang Theory. The Big Bang Theory. The Goldbergs. The Goldbergs. Brooklyn Nine- Nine. Brooklyn Nine- Nine. The Big Bang Theory. The Big Bang Theory. Baby Daddy. Baby Daddy. Brooklyn Nine- Nine. Brooklyn Nine- Nine. Speechless. Speechless. The Goldbergs. The Goldbergs. The Big Bang Theory. The Big Bang Theory. Hollyoaks. Speechless. The Goldbergs. Schooled. Tattoo Fixers: Extreme. First Dates Hotel. The Big Bang Theory. The Big Bang Theory. Don’t Tell The Bride. First Dates Hotel. Tattoo Fixers: Extreme. Rude Tube. The Goldbergs. Schooled. The Big Bang Theory. The Big Bang Theory. How I Met Your Mother. 6.00 6.30 8.00 10.00 7.00 10.30 6.00 7.30 11.00 11.00 12.00 11.50 10.00 11.00 9.00 10.30 11.30 12.30 1.30 12.45 1.15 1.45 3.30 1.00 1.30 2.00 10.00 BBC 4 11.00 1.00 Beyond 100 Days. Great British Railway Journeys. The Golden Age Of Liners. Reporting History: Mandela. South Africa In Pictures. 1066: A Year To Conquer England. Roof Racks And Hatchbacks: The Family Car. Bute: The Scot Who Spent A Welsh Fortune. The Golden Age Of Liners. Reporting History: Mandela. Close. 7.00 7.30 12.00 1.00 2.00 3.30 5.00 4.00 3.45 8.00 9.00 4.00 4.30 5.00 2.30 10.00 5.30 SKY SPORTS CRICKET 3.00 4.00 5.30 6.30 3.30 4.30 11.00 World Cup Cricket Classics. Best Of England V Windies. Cricket Masterclas­s. World Cup Cricket Classics. Best Of England V Windies. Cricket Masterclas­s. OneDay Internatio­nal Cricket. Cricket World Cup. One- Day Internatio­nal Cricket. How The 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup Was Won. OneDay Internatio­nal Cricket. How The 2015 ICC World Cup Was Won. One- Day Internatio­nal Cricket. England At The ICC World Cup. Pakistan At The ICC World Cup. Windies At 6.00 7.00 EUROSPORT 1 5.00 12.00 1.00 2.00 8.00 9.00 Hockey: Pro League. Cycling: Giro D’italia. Cycling: Get To Know. FIA World Touring Cars. Motorcycli­ng: EWC All Access. Bennetts British Superbikes. Bennetts British Superbikes Extra. Cycling: Giro D’italia. Live Cycling: Giro D’italia. Cycling: Tour Of California. Cycling: Tour Series. Cycling: Tour Of California. Cycling: Giro D’italia. Live Cycling: Tour Of California. Cycling: Giro D’italia. Close. 7.25 8.30 7.30 8.45 6.00 10.00 7.00 3.00 11.00 12.00 9.15 9.45 7.30 9.00 11.05 12.05 2.10 8.00 4.00 1.00 10.45 8.30 10.00 11.35 ITV2 3.00 4.00 6.00 11.45 12.45 The Planet’s Funniest Animals. Totally Bonkers Guinness World Records. The Cube: Celebrity Special. Emmerdale. You’ve Been Framed! Gold. The Ellen Degeneres Show. Superstore. You’ve Been Framed! 6.00 6.20 7.10 8.55 4.30 7.00 9.00 6.00 7.00 1.10 3.05 8.00 9.25 11.10 8.00 10.00 4.00 4.20 5.05 10.00 10.30 12.00 4.45 5.25 11.00 1.00 10.20 38 The Scotsman Magazine

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