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Three free nights o This is the only we when Levitt Am and Riverfront Nights f FRI The Happy Nigh BY ALAN SCULLEY CORRESPOND­ENT As a classicall­y schooled cellist, Calvin Langman knows he brings an unusual dimension to The Happy Fits. But it’s not like he was consciousl­y plotting a future where he would revolution­ize his instrument within the rock idiom. “When we really started writing, if I knew how to play bass, I probably would have played bass,” Langman said, looking back on the early days of The Happy Fits. “But the cello was all I knew, and I could play the low notes. So I decided I’d play them. And Spotify took off, so we decided to take what we had and run with it, not change it up and make me play bass.” The “we” includes the other main songwriter in The Happy Fits, guitarist/ singer Ross Monteith, and drummer Luke Davis. Langman and Monteith were high school classmates in Clinton, New Jersey, but they were hardly longtime friends. “We weren’t really in the same friend group,” Langman said. “I found out that he liked music because when he was learning guitar he would sometimes post some videos to Facebook and they’d always sound really good. Eventually he reached out and said he wanted to get some cello on, I think it was ‘Three White Horses’ by Andrew Bird. He thought it would be cool to do a version of that together. “So we did and it wasn’t very good, but it was a fun first experience, especially since I had just been in classical music and I did want to get into the rock ’n’ roll world, but I didn’t really have any outlets to do that. Ross kind of became my outlet. Then we started showing each other some songs, and that’s basically how it all took off.” As Langman and Monteith were set to head off to college in August 2016, they self-released an EP, “Awfully Appealing.” The story goes that a writer for Up in the 14 Thursday, August 22, 2019 ••• |