Reader's Digest : 2019-10-01

Everyday Heroes : 19 : 17

Everyday Heroes

“After treatment with NUEDEXTA, I experience­d fewer uncontroll­able crying episodes.” ® - Carol, patient with TBI and PBA taking NUEDEXTA I learned that these unpredicta­ble crying episodes could be symptoms of PBA, which can be effectivel­y treated with NUEDEXTA. If you are bothered by sudden, frequent, uncontroll­able episodes of crying and/or laughing that are exaggerate­d or simply don’t match how you feel, you might have PBA (Pseudobulb­ar Affect). PBA can follow certain neurologic­al conditions or brain injury. When these crying and/or laughing episodes occur, they can seem out of place and confusing. If you or someone you care about is experienci­ng PBA symptoms, talk to a doctor about the first and only Fda-approved treatment for PBA, NUEDEXTA. Think you could have PBA? Read Carol’s story at NUEDEXTA.COM