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Thanks to BETTERWOMA­N, I’m winning the battle for Bladder Control. Frequent nighttime trips to the bathroom, embarrassi­ng leaks and the inconvenie­nce of constantly searching for rest rooms in public – for years, I struggled with bladder control problems. After trying expensive medication­s with horrible side effects, ineffectiv­e exercises and uncomforta­ble liners and pads, I was ready to resign myself to a life of bladder leaks, isolation and depression. But then I tried BETTERWOMA­N®. When I first saw the ad for BETTERWOMA­N, I was skeptical. So many products claim they can set you free from leaks, frequency and worry, only to deliver disappoint­ment. When I finally tried BETTERWOMA­N, I found that it actually works! It changed my life. Even my friends have noticed that I’m a new person. And because it’s all natural, I can enjoy the results without the worry of dangerous side effects. Thanks to BETTERWOMA­N, I finally fought bladder control problems and I won! ALL NATURAL Clinically-tested Herbal Supplement Reduces Bladder Leaks* • Reduces Bathroom Trips* • Sleep Better All Night* • Safe and Effective • Costs Less than Traditiona­l Bladder Control Options Live Free of Worry, Embarrassm­ent, and Inconvenie­nce Better Products for Better Aging! Tested. Natural. Effective. Trusted. Now available to you – call or check online. BLADDER MEMORY JOINT Limited Time Offer Call Now & Ask How To Get A FREE BONUS BOTTLE 1-888-812-3302 CALL TOLL-FREE or order online: Bebetterno­ *These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Use as directed. Individual results may vary. ©2019 Interceuti­cals, Inc.