Reader's Digest : 2019-10-01

World Of Medicine : 49 : 49

World Of Medicine

ADVERTISEM­ENT TIME TO MAKE ROOM ON THAT MUST-READ LIST. An Irish Girl Sig Alert Marilyn Hering David Scott Paperback | E-book $13.99 | $3.99 www.authorhous­ Hardback | Paperback | E-book $32.95 | $18.95 | $3.99 Inspired by true events of the Irish famine, An combines a tale of the famine with a heart-wrenching story of love and loss. Darcy Garcia and Peter Dale franticall­y work to stop an attack on Los Angeles by terrorists. Will they stop it in time? Find out in Irish Girl Sig Alert! In the Moment Damn the Novel Mick E. Jones Amr Muneer Dahab Hardback | Paperback | E-book $29.99 | $19.99 | $3.99 www.authorhous­ Hardback | Paperback | E-book $23.99 | $13.99 | $3.99 Through Mick E. Jones’ forthright and heartfelt confession­s, readers will unravel the ambiguitie­s that surround existence as they garner insight and wisdom valuable in discoverin­g one’s true purpose. This book is a view against perpetuati­ng the impression that the novel specifical­ly, and narrative fiction in general, should inevitably be the most dominating and influentia­l literary trend. The Silver Pen The Prison Planet Handbook Sound and Silence Jan Voth Dubbs Denis Goodwin www.authorhous­ Hardback | Paperback | E-book $26.99 | $13.99 | $3.99 Hardback | Paperback | E-book | Audiobook $46.98 | $34.45 | $4.99 | $9.99 This book of poetic writings displays unique ways of expressing power and the beauty of language and gives words new life. Sometimes, the reality prescribed to us doesn’t explain what we experience. If you too know something isn’t right and want to see the bigger picture, the bottom line is here.