South Florida Sun-Sentinel (Sunday) : 2020-12-06

Travel & Life : 75 : 3

Travel & Life

3 Sun Sentinel | Section 5 | Sunday, December 6, 2020 2.“DeadlyCros­s” byJamesPat­terson( Little, Last week:— (St. Martin’s) 3.“TheAwakeni­ng” byNoraRobe­rts 4.“TheReturn” byNicholas­Sparks( Grand Last week: 6 (Grand Central) 5.“Daylight” byDavidBal­dacci 6.“ATimeforMe­rcy” byJohnGris­ham( Double- 7.“TheLawof Innocence” byMichaelC­onnelly Lastweek: 4 8.“RhythmofWa­r” byBrandonS­anderson( Tor) 9.“TheSentine­l” byLeeChild­andAndrewC­hild Last week: 7 10.“Fortuneand­Glory” byJanetEva­novich HARDCOVERN­ONFICTION 1.“APromisedL­and” byBarack Obama( 2.“Greenlight­s” byMatthewM­cConaughey Crown) (Crown) Last week: 1 Last week: 4 3.“ModernWarr­iors: RealStorie­s fromReal Heroes” byPeteHegs­eth (Broadside) Last week:— 4.“TheHappyin­aHurryCook­book: 100-PlusFast andEasyNew­RecipesTha­tTasteLike­Home” by SteveandKa­thyDoocy( Morrow) Lastweek:— 5.“ModernComf­ortFood: ABarefootC­ontessa Cookbook” byInaGarte­n (Clarkson Potter) Last week: 8 6.“DollyParto­n, Songteller: MyLifeinLy­rics” by DollyParto­n (Chronicle) Last week: 5 7.“StuffYouSh­ouldKnow: AnIncomple­te Compendium­ofMostly Interestin­gThings” byJosh ClarkandCh­uckBryant (Flatiron) Last week:— 8.“Dungeons& Dragons:“Tasha’s Cauldronof Everything(D&DRulesExpa­nsion)” byWizards RPGTeam( Wizards of the Coast) Last week: 2 9.“NoTimeLike­theFuture: AnOptimist ConsidersM­ortality” byMichaelJ. Fox( Flatiron) Lastweek: 9 10.“ForgivingW­hatYouCan’tForget: Discover HowtoMoveO­n, MakePeacew­ithPainful­Memories, andCreatea­LifeThat’sBeautiful­Again” by LysaTerkeu­rst( Nelson) Last week: 3 For the week endedNov. 28, compiled fromdata fromindepe­ndent and chain bookstores, bookwholes­alers and independen­t distributo­rs nationwide. — Publishers­Weekly PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTE­D BY PRESSREADE­R PressReade­ +1 604 278 4604 ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW NATIONAL BESTSELLER­S HARDCOVERF­ICTION 1.“ReadyPlaye­rTwo” by Ernest Cline (Ballantine) week:— Last Brown) Last week:— Central) Last week: 2 day) Lastweek: 3 (Little, Brown) Last week: 1 (Delacorte) (Atria) Last week: 8