The Morning Call (Sunday) : 2021-01-10

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10 The Morning Call | Sunday, January 10, 2021 LEHIGH COUNTY DEEDS NOTE: Northampto­n County deeds were unavailabl­e at press time Gordon St., $214,440, ( GRS Real Estate Investment­s LLC from Martinko, Peter J., 435N. Fourth St., $101,000, ( Hamati LLC from 22North 6TH Street LLC, Twenty Two (22) North 6TH Street LLC, Grube, William H. Jr. and Grube, Phyllis L., 18N. Sixth St., $1,700,000, ( Heras, Jose G., De Heras, Maria G. Bustos, Deheras, Maria G. Bustos, Heras, Maria G. Bustos De, Bustos De Heras, Maria G., Bustos Deheras, Maria G. and Bustosdehe­ras, Maria G. from Titan 123LLC and Canahuate, Rhaniel, 719S. Filmore St., $255,000, ( Hernandez, Santos F. Lopez, Hernandez De Lopez, Luciana, Hernandezd­elopez, Luciana, Hernandez Delopez, Luciana, De Lopez, Luciana Hernandez, Delopez, Luciana Hernandez and Lopez, Luciana Hernandez De from Gould, Daniel M. and Gould, Jennifer L., 34E. Tioga St., $200,000, ( Hernandez, Victor M. Salazar and Leon, Wendy L. from Vasko, Thomas James, Vasko, Thomas and Michener, Jean A., 810N 11TH St., $102,000, ( Hy Mill Street LLC from 1514Inc., Fifteen Fourteen (1514) Inc., Andres, Shirley E. and Dennis, Bruce V., 1514 Hanover Ave., $130,000, ( Jimenez Serrano, Idiana and Serrano, Idiana Jimenez from Chinchilla, Reina and Chinchilla, Reinaldo, 425S 23RD St., $235,000, ( Kupchak, Danielle M., Ortiz Torres, Andres and Torres, Andres Ortiz from Martinez, Hipolito, Martinez Rivera, Hipolito and Rivera, Hipolito Martinez, 119N. Law St., $60,000, ( Lapommeray, Firma from Ryan, Edward J. and Ryan, Marjorie J., 1611 S. Race St., $192,500, ( ). Lehigh Land Developers LLC from Shehadeh, George S., 409N. Fifth St., $46,000, ( Lehigh Land Developers LLC from Van, Tran Hai and Nguyen, My Khanh Thi, 243N. Jordan St., $25,000, ( Lehigh Land Holdings Inc. from Lindsay, Joseph D. II, 731N. Front St., $38,000, ( Lehigh Land Holdings Inc. from Rehrig, Bruce A. and Rehrig, Judy L., 516E. Court St., $38,000, ( Lichmira, Waldemar A. and Delancey, Carol A. from Young, Kevin E., 266E. Walnut St., $485,000, ( Linden Street Commons Op L.P. from Housing Authority Of The City Of Allentown, 101N. Seventh St., $1,300,000, ( Longacre, Christian Charles from Arendt, Judith L., 1126W. Chew St., $100,000, ( Mamary, Bassam from Farniak, John M. and Faryniak, John M., 916E. Linden St., $195,000, ( Martinez, Adalberto and Martinez, Alda L. from Fermin, Eduardo, 2546 Shaler St., $255,000, ( McKenna, Joanna and McKenna, Jason from C. Everett Inc. and Everett Inc., C., 741N. Kiowa St., $2,640, ( Mendez, Jaime R. from Shinsky Living Trust and Shinsky, John, 128N. Irving St., $236,500, ( Montilla, Cristian J. Silverio from Velazquez Ruiz, Noemi and Ruiz, Noemi Velazquez, 324S. Franklin St., $155,000, ( Mora, Yubelka Del Carmen Adames from Ramos, Samuel and Torres, Ivette, 312N. Halstead St., $138,000, 12/14). ( Namous, Ali and Namous, Samira from Clift, Dennis W., 420W. Tilghman St., $65,000, ( NR Home Solutions LLC from Santiago, Heriberto and Santiago, Nilda, 739N. Fair St., $25,550, ( Nunez, Jose G. from Nunez Duarte, Franklin and Duarte, Franklin Nunez, 1116Lehigh St., $160,000, ( Nunez, Virgilia and Nunez, Miguel from Barno, Brian, 216S 14TH St., $98,000, ( Park, Daniel from Dunbar, Spurgeon, 715S. Hall St., $105,000, ( Perez, Pablo from G & B Allentown Properties LLC, Kadi, Bashir and Hajzeraj, Gazmend, 174W. Pine St., $82,000, ( Pinter, Gary D. and Bauder, Joan from Horton, Michael, 1014Hoe St., $5,000, ( Reyes, Marleny Polanco from Martinez, Domingo, 669N. Sherman St., $174,000, ( Rosa, Alfredo Rivera, Marzan De Rivera, Liliana Del Carmen, Marzanderi­vera, Liliana Del Carmen, Marzan Derivera, Liliana Del Carmen, De Rivera, Liliana Del Carmen Marzan, Derivera, Liliana Del Carmen Marzan, Rivera, Liliana Del Carmen Marzan De, Del Carme from Esposito, Robert A. and Esposito, Elke E., 3131Hillcr­est Ave., $290,000, ( Safe Home Investment Corp. from Riddick, Josephine, 720W. Chew St., $70,000, ( Safe Home Investment Corp. from Roberts, Bruce and Roberts, Jermaine A., 435Bellevu­e St., $39,000, ( Santiago, Jesse from C. Everett Inc. and Everett Inc., C., 412E. Susquehann­a St., $2,836, ( Shelp, Kent and Pulham, Amanda from Young, Randall M. and Young, Sandra, 2554S. Ivy St. Rear, $4,500, ( Stumpp, Brandon and Souders, Jeffery C. Jr. from Wendell, Mary E. and Saoud, Sandra, 3118Roxfor­d Rd., $150,000, ( Tyson, Maureen A. from Sarge, Taylor, 736N. Arch St., $215,000, ( Valerio, Yudelka A. from Azar Estates LLC and Azar, Steven, 1819W. Greenleaf St., $140,000, ( Wegner, Robert and Wegner, Kathleen from Mosser, James R. and Mosser, Kathleen, 420N. Albright Ave. Rear, $7,000, ( Windsor Aa Properties LLC from Ortega, Vicente, 119 S. Jefferson St., $70,000, ( Zoro, Yenny from Poconodrea­ms LLC and Rybner, Leon, 508 N. Second St., $129,995, ( 12/21). Karen L., Buffman, Patricia E. and Buffman, Karen L., 1609Primro­se Ln., $187,500, ( Ramos, Jonathan from Billiard, Mark David Jr., Schaefer Billiard, Anna G. and Billiard, Anna G. Schaefer, 1528 W. Broad St., $195,000, ( Robinson, Tyrone Keith and Robinson, Dianne from MSS Properties Vii LLC and Jain, Jyoti H., 1583Kadel Dr., $171,000, ( Ruiz, Ismael from WF Master Reo LLC and Statebridg­e Company LLC, 1953 Glendale Ave., $154,875, ( Shinestar Investment LLC from Ellison, Givon, 1106W. Lehigh St., $181,000, ( Torres, William E. and Torres, Monica A. from Borger, Tammy Jo, Seiling, Natalie E. and Lick, Natalie E., 1938 Collingswo­od Dr., $215,000, ( Yun, Tae Suk and Lee, Jong Hwa from Brucker LLC, Brucker, Wilma Krause and Bruckner, Wilma K., 409W. North St., $168,000, ( Lynn, Joseph P. from Kurcz, Michael and Kurcz, Gina, 7193Decatu­r St., $142,055, ( Reppert, Joseph from Miller, Carl B. and BJ Revoc Liv Trust, 7991Kings Hwy, $18,000, ( Ruth, James H. Jr. Irrev Asset Protect Trust, Ruth, Margaret K. Irrev Asset Protect Trust and Heckman, Kimberly A., 5502Lanark Rd., $325,000, ( Holland, Robert A. and Holland, Tracy C. from Bedral L.P., Beans Family Trust LLC and Beans, Larry M., 3213 Burnham Ct., $659,000, ( NDG Real Estate Holdings LLC from Rohrbach, George C. and Rohrbach, Lana I., 5328Pa Route 309, $224,000, ( PD Flint Hill LLC, Wagner Flint Hill LLC, One More Investment­s LLC and CMT Investment­s Consulting LLC from Schlert, Alfred A. and Roman Catholic Diocese Of Allentown, 2759 Flint Hill Rd., $3,550,000, ( Pedrogo, Louie and Vargas, Mirta from Kalogeropo­ulos, Alexander, 5340Northw­ood Dr., $630,000, ( Song, Kui from Obrzut, Jeffrey Christophe­r and Obrzut, Heather E., 4526 Jasmine Dr., $254,000, ( ALLENTOWN CITY HEIDELBERG TOWNSHIP U. MACUNGIE TOWNSHIP 1037W. Turner ST LLC and Ten Thirty Seven (1037) W. Turner ST LLC from Lobach, Anna Lee, 1037W. Turner St., $360,000, ( A & n Lehigh Valley LLC from Kheir, M. Steven, 387 W. Cedar St., $130,000, ( A 1Prime Properties LLC from Mansour, Abdul, 715 W. Whitehall St., $44,000, ( Alcantara, Xiomara Rodriguez from Adames, Hector, 134S 10TH St., $59,000, ( Almonte Real Estate Investment­s LLC from Hanna, Ronald M. and Hanna, Renee, 2004Union Blvd., $190,000, ( Alves, Joao Paulo Ferreira and Alves, Diana Andre Barreiros from Martinez, Leidy C., Martinez, Maria O., De Jesus, Leidy C., Dejesus, Leidy C. and Jesus, Leidy C. De, 1938S. Idaho St., $144,000, ( Araujo, Emilio and Araujo, Ovilandia Liccet from Fix, Robert J., Fix, Mary J., Fix, Robert J. Living Trust, Fix Living Trust, Robert J., Fix, Mary J. Living Trust and Fix Living Trust, Mary J., 1212E. Congress St., $120,000, ( Arbelo, Zulayma from Stella Cadente Investment­s LLC, 810W. Wyoming St., $140,000, ( Azan Remodeling LLC from Serrano, George and Serrano, Janet, 920N. Fair St., $27,000, ( Baez, Nicoll Marie Echevarria from Armstrong, Claytea Channing, 147N. Ellsworth St., $125,000, ( Collado, Hector B. Pichardo from Mackey, Ava L. and Terra, Tracy J., 1024S. Bradford St., $185,400, ( Cordero, Maria Jimenez from Bauer, Deborah A., 330S. Fulton St., $162,000, ( ). Cruz, Leonardo Flores, Albino Perez, Lymarie and Perez, Lymarie Albino from Mann, Arthur R., 207N. Jerome St., $205,000, ( Cuevas, Juan B. and Cuevas, Ying from Moran, Mark E., 920W. Tioga St., $189,000, ( De La Rosa, Felix, Jimenez, Mayra M., Delarosa, Felix and Rosa, Felix De La from Ballydesmo­nd Homes LLC, Kiernan, Brian M. and Kiernan, Anne B., 16N. Madison St., $142,000, ( Decarlo, Andrew from Moyer, Joel, 444Hanover Ave., $169,900, ( Dennat Constructi­on & Management LLC from Williams, Shirley E. and Williams, Roland T. Jr., 734N. Fifth St., $69,000, ( Diesel Real Estate Inc. from Devine, Andrew and Devine, Maryann, 408 N. Penn St., $23,000, ( Drewry, Neal from Rodriguez, Richard and Rodriguez, Milagros R., 229S. Carlisle St., $225,000, ( Eurosport Classic Motors L.P. from Cedar LLC and Baumer, Glenn W., 702E. Cedar St., $177,000, ( Fernandes, Rosa M., Dosreis, Andre, Dos Reis, Andre and Reis, Andre Dos from Daloul, Basam and Khallouf, Binita, 903N. Van Buren St., $190,000, ( Figueroa, Feliz Alberto and Munoz, Pura Maria from Dehart, Pamela H. and Dehart, James, 919N 20TH St., $180,000, ( Garcia, Tomas Joaquin Herrand from Crown Realty LLC and Kishbaugh, Thomas G., 878N. Godfrey St., $185,000, ( Gil, Willis from Mercado, Maria Gladys, Becerra Leiva, Nelson A. and Leiva, Nelson A. Becerra, 1030E. 3500Fall Brook Road LLC and Thirty Five Hundred (3500) Fall Brook Road LLC from Reifinger, Donald C. Jr., 6030Rex Rd., $625,000, ( Ali, Neezam and Ali, Shahib from Fremont Home Loan Trust 2006A. Mortgage Backed Certificat­es Series 2006A., HSBC Bank Usa National Assn., Newrez LLC, Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing and PHH Mortgage Corp., 5653Cozy Cove Dr., $136,000, ( Reppert, Joseph from Noto, Joseph J. and Noto, Diane L., Reservoir Rd., $2,845, ( Alma, Samir and Boumarga, Laila from Qazi, Shahida, 1115Monarc­h Ln., $380,000, ( Brown, Matthew R. and Brown, Megan E. from Vari, Francis J. and Napoli, Ilona E., 1329Warba Dr., $290,000, ( Lre Allentown LLC from Bridgeston­e Americas Tire Operations LLC, 8001 Industrial Blvd., $62,686,994, ( Oswalt, Tara A. from M & o Real Estate Group LLC, Ogundimu, Adebowale Gabriel and Ogundimu, Adebowale, 9016Breini­gsville Rd., $400,000, ( Patel, Hardikkuma­r and Patel, Lupta from Trexler Fields Twin Home Project LLC and Koze, Richard M. Jr., 901 Swallow Tail Ln., $353,314, ( Platinum Owner Pa LLC from LHV Portfolio Investors LLC, 6670Grant Way, $7,000,000, ( Platinum Owner Pa LLC from Fund V. Snowdrift Investors LLC, 7072Snowdr­ift Rd., $4,000,000, ( Platinum Owner Pa LLC from LHV Portfolio Investors LLC, 6690Grant Way, $8,000,000, ( Ternosky, William from Leibensper­ger, Veronica M., Wright Advocacy & Guardiansh­ip Services LLC and Wright, Carol Roberts, 1020 Church St., $137,500, ( Turner, James Layne and Turner, Karen Denise from Gauba, Sunil K., 350Lenape TRL, $330,000, ( Ventura Ortega De Moreno, Oglida, Venturaort­egademoren­o, Oglida, Moreno, Oglida Ventura Ortega De, Demoreno, Oglida Ventura Ortega, De Moreno, Oglida Ventura Ortega, Ortegademo­reno, Oglida Ventura, Ortega De Moreno, Oglida Ventura, Ortega Demoreno, Oglida from Perez, Chad Augustin and Perez, Kelly L., 117Maple St., $360,000, ( Yeoman, Beau B. from Jurta, Bonnie L., 405Pennycr­ess Rd., $350,000, ( 12/18). 12/14). 12/18). 12/22). 1½4). 1⅔). 12/23). 12/18). 1½4). 12/18). 12/18). ½ 12/21). 12/11). MACUNGIE 12/23). 12/21). Geroulo, Tara K. from Skinner, Gregory A. and Skinner, Nina D., 990E. Main St., $278,900, ( 12/16). ½ 12/14). 12/10). 1½4). 12/10). 12/23). 12/1). N. WHITEHALL TOWNSHIP 12/7). 1⅔). 12/15). Americo Real Estate LLC from Schwoyer, Helena E. and Confer, Helena E., 5759Kernsv­ille Rd., $215,000, ( Brooks, Billy C. and Brooks, Mollee J. from TMC Management Corp. and CMC Developmen­t Corp., 5023Bellfl­ower Dr., $439,616, ( DDDT LLC from Ages Properties LLC and Gross, Abigail, 5074Kernsv­ille Rd., $783,000, ( Klase, Josiah, Klase, Leah, Klase, Rachel and Klase, Sarah from Frey, Robert W. and Frey, Rita A., 4957 Shankweile­r Rd., $300,000, ( Lagreca, Ryan Justis and Lagreca, Annie from Uff, Ryan P., Uff, Heather L. and Frey, Jean E., 1968Rising Sun Rd., $507,500, ( Walji, Mahdi and Yusuf, Zainab from Tolliver, Bernard and Urtasun, Mariacruz, 2272Creeks­ide Dr., $300,000, ( 12/18). 1½4). 12/18). 12/21). 12/17). 12/16). 12/18). L. MACUNGIE TOWNSHIP 12/16). Ehritz, Joseph W. and Ehritz, Marianne L. from Reppert, Lisa A., 6051 Timberknol­l Dr., $334,900, ( Gun, Tang and Hkawn, Seng from Persing Revocable Living Trust Agreement Dated September 12 2001, Raymond A. Jr., Persing Revocable Living Trust Agreement Dated September 122001, E. Elfriede, Persing Revocable Living Trust Agreement, Raymond A. Jr., Persing Revocable Living Trust Agree, 4340 Elm Dr., $226,500, ( Harwick, Peter and Harwick, Julie from Ruth, Richard R. and Ruth, Elaine M., 2724Rollin­g Green Pl., $199,900, ( Holtz, Matthew N. and Smith, Julie K. from Gubich, Dorothy M., 7400Spring Creek Rd., $357,500, ( Huang, Chenguang from Ritts, Philip and Ritts, Marian S., 2249Eldeme­re Cir., $580,000, ( Moore, Ozias Adelphia Jr. from NVR Inc., 3790Sweet Meadow Ct., $434,485, ( Raja, Sheraz A. and Bhatti, Maryam from Frankenfie­ld, Brian K. and Frankenfie­ld, Carrie M., 2127Rollin­g Meadow Dr., $330,000, ( Ruiz, Katherine from Stevens, Jamie and Stevens, Lisa Ann, 6825Hunt Dr., $260,000, ( Seven Developmen­t Group Inc. from Living Hope Orthodox Presbyteri­an Church, Wild Cherry Ln., $329,000, ( 12/21). 12/8). 11/17). 12/18). 12/23). 12/11). 12/16). 12/8). 1⅓). 11/18). 12/15). 12/4). 12/11). 12/18). WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP 12/8). Perez, William and Perez, Natalie from Bower, Timothy Floyd, 3933E. Grant St., $100,000, ( Schaffer, Zane Justin and Schaffer, Kelly Lynn from Debellis, Cheryl Ann, Schware, Joseph H. Jr. and Debellis, Cheryl, 3827Woodla­nd Dr., $150,000, ( Schwartz, Cory L. and Drozd, Deanna R. from Henry, Mildred A., 5950Ash Ct., $270,000, ( CATASAUQUA 12/18). Alkhal, Justin, Alkhal, Nadine, Al Khal, Justin and Al Khal, Nadine from Leibensper­ger, Candace L., 204Limesto­ne St., $19,000, ( LHV Properties LLC from Recker, Robert, 521Poplar St., $85,000, ( Vogel, Christophe­r D. from Miller, Lee Anne, 439Bridge St., $137,000, ( 12/22). 12/8). 12/21). 12/18). 12/21). 12/21). 1⅔). 12/18). 12/14). 12/10). 12/22). 12/14). 12/22). 12/18). 12/9). 12/15). 1½4). 12/18). 12/11). 12/14). 12/18). S. WHITEHALL TOWNSHIP 12/21). WEISENBERG TOWNSHIP COPLAY Creer, Michael J. and Creer, Nicole from Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc., 2448W. Pennsylvan­ia St., $301,500, ( Hoffman, Geoffrey R. from R & S Hoffman Builders LLC and Hoffman, Randall N., 3708Huckle­berry Rd., $323,000, ( Jendi, Mohammed R. and Basmine, Majdouline from Smith, Aaron M. and Smith, Kathryn B., 5262Chandl­er Way, $241,001, ( Jones, Justin C. and Okumu, Doreen from Wierzbicki, Jacklyn S., 1893 Hemming Way, $270,000, ( Lodhi, Asad P. and Lodhi, Maham F. from Kaufman, Edward Adam and Kaufman, Kathy M., 1446Hampto­n Rd., $445,000, ( Mouqqadim, Mohamed and Mouqqadim, Hanane from Roulston, Debra K., 1835Franke­nfield St., $255,000, ( Muthiah, Sethuraman from Kay Blue Barn LLC and Koze, Richard M. Jr., 1357Caspia­n St., $259,475, ( Muthiah, Sethuraman from Kay Blue Barn LLC and Koze, Richard M. Jr., 1361Caspia­n St., $263,940, ( Rodriguez, Jose R. from Guth, Carol A., 4041W. Linden St., $229,000, ( Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. from Lonneman, Shannon, 2448W. Pennsylvan­ia St., $301,500, ( 12/18). Hamati, Husam F. and Hamati, Linda from Hackett Vineyards LLC, Hackett, Robert Charles Jr. and Hackett, Robert C. Jr., 4419Werley­s Corner Rd., $1,065,000, ( Honeycutt, David A. from Whisper Hollow Homes LLC, Ruddell, Patrick and Ruddell, Alicia, 3820Tanner­y Rd., $275,000, ( Kelly, Sean James and Kelly, Allison Marie from Sutjak, James M., Sutjak, Andrew N. and Sutjak, Cynthia S., 3791Rhoads Rd., $375,000, ( DJH Properties LLC from Hrabovsky, Brenda, 185Brown Aly, $71,000, ( Hudson, Ashley from Zangl, Joseph, 166S. Front St., $163,000, ( Roy, Asim K., Roy, Apu Kumar and Roy, Sima R. from Rajha, Talal, 37N. Second St., $183,000, ( 12/17). 10/26). 12/21). 12/22). 12/15). 1½4). 12/11). 12/15). 11/19). 1½4). 1½ 12/18). 1½ 12/21). 12/8). 12/18). 10/27). 1½4). 1½4). EMMAUS 12/18). 12/7). Balliet, Robert L. and Balliet, Sandra A. from Fields At Indian Creek LLC and Koze, Richard, 4135Stream­side Rd., $356,632, ( Cej20LLC from Keeler, Raymond C. Jr., 622Broad St., $19,500, ( David Real Estate Group LLC from Afflerbach, Richard C. Jr., 27N. Sixth St., $230,000, ( Diesel Real Estate Inc. from Wertman, Susan Y., 1046S 10TH St., $15,964, ( Mpre Partners LLC from George, Mary L., 101N. Second St., $75,000, ( Pastor, Micaela M. and Pastor, Jaquelin from Hoover, Matthew S. and Hoover, Lauren K., 839Frank Dr., $315,000, ( Smarthomes RC2LLC from Rosado Investment Group LLC, S 16TH St., $2,624, ( Villafane, Priscilla and Villafane, Jacob from Colson, Charles, 940Little Lehigh Dr., $313,500, ( 12/18). 12/11). 12/21). 12/21). U. MILFORD TOWNSHIP 12/11). 12/11). 12/18). 12/15). WHITEHALL TOWNSHIP Daley, Rebecca E. from Berger, Stephanie L., Vaughan, Stephanie L. and Vaughan, Trevor IV, 3564Lenape Ln., $301,000, ( David Real Estate Group LLC from Platz, Donna A., Shelly, Donald G. and Shelly, George H., 3668Church­view Rd., $95,000, ( Davie, Campbell and Davie, Doris Ann from Kay Mill LLC and Koze, Richard M. Jr., 4489Stole Rd., $298,116, ( Gonzalez, Elio O. and Gonzalez, Maryann from Kay Mill LLC and Koze, Richard M., 4471Stole Rd., $307,325, ( Liu, Ji Mean and Liu, Inger from Kay Mill LLC and Koze, Richard M., 4495 Stole Rd., $311,070, ( Orlando, William F. and Orlando, Denise A. from Fields At Indian Creek LLC and Koze, Richard M. Jr., 4159 Streamside Rd., $325,000, ( Schaffer, Pamela K. from Schlaner, Edward A. Jr. and Schlaner, Frances C., 4055Robert Rd., $210,000, ( 12/21). Haik, John from Hudock, John P. Jr., 5401Lehigh St., $64,000, ( Kustafik, Derek M. from Turbedsky, Patricia A., 5102Washin­gton Ave., $175,900, ( Layous Properties LLC from Collins, Phillip S., 3222S. Front St., $72,000, ( Malinowksi, Anthony and Malinowksi, Alexander from Fritz, James V. and Fritz, Charlotte J., Reliance St., $12,000, ( McIntosh, Byron C. and McIntosh, Ann M. from Aguirre, Irma Iris, 939W. Livingston St., $265,000, ( Puri, Bahwana from Uma & Sons, Aggarwal, Ramdass and Uma & Sons LLC, 1549B33Cre­ekside Rd., $99,000, ( Reichl, Thomas from Saganowich, Daniel I. and Saganowich, Stephen W. Jr., 3017N. Front St., $35,000, ( Reyes, Juan Cabral from Preis, Timothy J., Rogers, Denise M. and Preis, Denise M. Rogers, 1Eisenhowe­r Cir., $179,900, ( Roth, Lisa K., Roth, Lisa K. Revocable Living Trust and Roth Revocable Living Trust Dated July 242007, Lisa K. from NVR Inc., 4224Magnol­ia Ln., $330,425, ( Sheldon Kloss, Leslie and Kloss, Leslie Sheldon from NVR Inc., 4232 Cypress Ln., $307,275, ( 1½4). 12/21). 12/21). 12/9). L. MILFORD TOWNSHIP 12/18). 12/11). Kings 8992LLC from Adam, Eva B. and Schuler, Delores, 8992Kings Hwy, $230,000, ( Knoedler, Travis David and Wireman, Peaceful Rose from Ehret, Brian, Schaller, Sandra M. and Ehret, Linda K., 8439Orchar­d Rd., $201,000, ( 10/22). 1½4). 12/23). 12/23). 1⅔). 12/21). 12/16). 12/10). 1½5). 12/15). 12/21). 12/21). 1½4). 12/8). 1½4). 12/15). 12/21). 12/8). ½ 12/16). 12/18). 12/21). ½ LOWHILL TOWNSHIP 12/8). 1½4). Budick, Andrew M. from Miller, Elaine N., 5097Mill Creek Rd., $311,000, ( Halpin, Ryan and Halpin, Sarah from Hughes, Richard and Hughes, Patricia R., 3606Windy Rd., $350,000, ( Raines, Jeffrey J. and Koch, Patricia Ann from Dellmyer, Lucus J. and Mills, Kathryn B., 7005Herber Rd., $283,500, ( Vaka, Michael from Vaka, Scott, 6288 Horseshoe Rd., $217,000, ( ½ 12/14). 12/18). 12/9). 12/18). 1⅔). 12/18). 12/18). 12/18). BETHLEHEM CITY 1½4). 12/16). 12/9). A 1Prime Properties from Fenstermak­er, William Jr., 62416TH Ave., $57,000, ( Barba, Suzanne F. and Spector, Jean M. from Diamond, Elaine M., 816W. Market St., $430,000, ( Cruz, Noel A. from Bowers, Colin, 630 16TH Ave., $215,000, ( Gonzalez, Jazmin Santiago, Ortiz Negron, Carlos L. and Negron, Carlos L. Ortiz from Make Life Easy LLC and Vikram, Raju, 1528Valley Rd., $190,000, ( Jones, Jessica L. from Cobbs, Franklin L. and Cobbs, Trisha, 9Club Ave., $195,000, ( Martinko, Michael Jr. from Hein, 12/21). 10/12). 12/14). 12/11). 12/21). 12/15). 12/18). SALISBURY TOWNSHIP 12/10). Henry, Shawntae from Foley, Allen F., 82Hickory Dr., $2,654, ( Koder, Mina C. from Moser, Richard J. and Moser, Cynthia J., 1242Fairfa­x St., $203,000, ( Zajacik, Christophe­r and Kajacik, Colleen from Bertalan, Stephen A., 1204Voortm­an Ave., $125,000, ( FOUNTAIN HILL B. 12/15). 1½4). 12/16). 12/18). Abdouche, Pascalle from Fountain Hill Democratic Club Inc., 903Seneca St., $65,000, ( Acevedo, Ramona M. from Redding, John P. III, Redding, John Patrick, Redding, Edward J., Best, Kathleen D., Redding, Dorothy, Redding, Dorothy M. and Redding, John P. John P. III, 1124Wiley St., $208,000, ( Sankari, Haisam from Zheng, Xiongjun, 523N. Bishopthor­pe St., $49,000, ( 12/18). 1½4). 12/23). 12/18). 12/21). 12/19). 12/4). U. SAUCON TOWNSHIP 12/11). 1⅓). LYNN TOWNSHIP Fretz, Brett M. and Fretz, Shelby H. from Hajjar, Wissam, 7454Blue Church Rd. S., $345,000, ( Greger, Philip D. and Greger, Darci M. from Ruth Irrevocabl­e Asset Protection Trust Dated 2012, James H. Jr., Ruth Irrevocabl­e Asset Protection Trust Dated 2012, Margaret K., 12/5). Fluke, Victor W. and Reynolds, Kimberly M. from Smith, Todd O. and Heist, Cynthia L., 9194Kings Hwy, $350,000, ( Hicks, Quynh and Hicks, Corey from Brian, Richard E. and Brian, Susan L., Miller Rd., $72,500, ( 12/18). 12/18). 12/16). 12/4). 12/16). 12/21). 12/14). 12/21). SLATINGTON 6/5/ 12/15). Paul, Lynsea from Ziegler, Keith D., 307First St., $117,502, ( 1½0). 12/21). 11/13). 6/5/ 12/14). PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTE­D BY PRESSREADE­R PressReade­ +1 604 278 4604 ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW