World Journal (New York) - World Journal (New York) - Weekly Supplement : 2019-10-27

雙語新聞 : 43 : 43


41 2019 10.27 世界周刊 雙語新聞 and some creative benefits of loose parts play.研究指出鬆散材料遊戲­對身體有明顯效益,也對社交和創意有幫助。 — □ In the scenario above, most adults would either stop the play or be very directive about how the play can occur, and what objects can be used. Stopping or restrictin­g play might seem reasonable in the short term, but research shows that, in the longer term, excessive safety can hinder childrens opportunit­ies for learning.短期而言,阻止或限制遊戲可能看­起來很合理,但研究指出,長期而言,過度安全可能阻礙孩童­的學習機會。

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