West Sussex County Times : 2020-07-09

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23 HORSHAM Thursday,July9,2020 www.wscountyti­mes.co.uk Opinion area of water stress. To say that SW is legally bound to supply water is equivalent to a law to make it rain. The droughts of the past have only been resolved by rainfall. The droughts in the future could be far more serious if possible effects of climate change occur. There have been prediction­s of a 50 per cebt reduction in our rainfall by 2080. It is beyond belief that developers have no responsibi­lity for water supply and are allowed to say the supply of water is not a problem or their problem. Surely there are officers at HDC.who are prepared to tackle the reality of this situation and influence planners involved in the massive housing developmen­ts proposed. Are SW allowed to say that in fact there could be a situation where they cannot guarantee supply? Unless SW state clearly their potentiall­y impossible task then all those involved in developmen­t can hide and take no responsibi­lity. It is a little reassuring to know that the National Drought Group met on June 5, chaired by the environmen­tal agency executive director and further meetings are planned this summer. Can they get plans for physical action by SW turned into reality? shopping for him. Then to top it off the manager instructed one of his team to walk him home. When my husband spoke with the manager about this he said the gentleman (and knew him by name) had been coming to the shop for the last five years and that Covid had made a real difference to the man. The shielding had left him unfit and frail which is very sad. I thought it would make a nice positive piece in the newspaper. You probably think he was a friend and that’s why he knew his name but actually the staff in there are absolutely amazing; chatty, kind and caring and take the time to get to know everyone and have a little chat. A true show of how the world should be. Well done them AMANDABILL­INGTON Redford Avenue Horsham Nature Reserve, sandwiched between thousands of new homes and roads already agreed for North Horsham, the new incinerato­r that has been given the go-ahead at Warnham- and now plans for building on Rookwood Golf Course. After all, it’s just one more straw… DAVID MEADOWS ARUNTHOMPS­ON Pound Lane, Shipley Hamilton Road, Horsham CONDITIONS WEST SUSSEX COUNTY TIMES, Afon Building, Worthing Road, Horsham, RH12 1TL We prefer to receive letters by email – please send your contributi­ons to ct.letters@sussexnews­papers.co.uk. You can also write to Letters to the Editor, Afon Building, Worthing Road, Horsham, RH12 1TL. Letters must be accompanie­d by full name, address, and contact phone number, although we only print an abbreviate­d form of addresses provided. Anonymous letters are never printed. We reserve the right to edit and shorten letters and preference will be given to letters of 350 words or less. 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