West Sussex County Times : 2020-07-09

Your Puzzles : 33 : 33

Your Puzzles

33 HORSHAM Thursday,July9,2020 www.wscountyti­mes.co.uk ARROWWORD In this crossword the clues are printed in what would normally be the ‘black’ squares. Follow the arrows from each clue to find where the word should fit. A list of dishes Facade Academy Awards Young child Playground ride Pubs Piece People Overweight Interrupt (3,2) Country Tree resin Stadiums Hot Employers beverages Epoch Partially clothed Rita _, pictured Toilet Sprint Stuff Ship's staff South African of Dutch descent Dined Hearing organ Buddhist priest _ Garfunkel, singer Percussion instrument Forbidden Select Eye inflammati­on Man's name Stargazers Definite article Expert (4,6) Tolkien goblin Folds Meadows Italian river _ Odell, pictured Age IX Relish Bonus Girl's name Blunder Shade Adolescent Provided with certain qualities European capital Roman emperor Trials Every one Alone (2,4,3) A soprano voice Gaming stake Amphibian Hire Eccentric Entrance Platform Repose Mammary gland Bright star Self _ Lincoln, 16th US president Insight Bruce _, action hero Utilises Tracks Colouring substance Group

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