The Trentonian (Trenton, NJ) : 2020-09-25

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OPINION Edward S. Condra, Shelley J. Meenan, John Berry, AimeeM. Gallagher, Bill Murray, Senior Publisher General Manager Content Manager CFO Circulatio­n Director 16 » Friday, September2­5, 2020 » FACEBOOK.COM/TRENTONIAN TWITTER.COM/TRENTONIAN MORE AT AND Send your letters to the editor for publicatio­n to Letters@, keep them under 300 words and include your name and town. How to have your say: Email: Phone: Fax: Mail: Facebook: Letters and guest columns will be considered for publicatio­n. Please include name and daytime phone number, plus any affiliatio­ns that would place your opinion in context. All correspond­ence is subject to editing. 609.989.7800 609.393.6072 Letters to the Editor, 600Perry Street, Trenton, NJ 08618 Leave your comments online at WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/TRENTONIAN #TRENTONIAN­SOUNDOFF Twitter: Use hashtag Got something you want to get off your chest? To contribute to Back Talk, call Ed at 609-3580861 or email him at EdNote@

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