Fast Ford : 2019-01-01

FAST FORD TRIO : 52 : 52


FAST FORD TRIO TECH SPEC MK2 FIESTA ENGINE 2.0- litre Zetec, twin 45 Weber carbs, Kenlowe slimline fan, RS1800 radiator, Facet fuel pump and filter, Ashley 4- branch manifold, Magnex stainless steel exhaust system 5-speed manual GAZ coilovers XR2 discs and pads 6.5x13in (front) and 7.5x13” (rear) banded Mk2 Fiesta steels, 175/50 Yokohama A539s Rot-free 33k shell – all original, never welded ’90-spec Recaros, RS 4-spoke steering wheel, full rollcage TRANSMISSION SUSPENSION BRAKES WHEELS & TYRES DRIVER SPEC DARRELL HOBBS EXTERIOR AGE JOB FIRST FORD BEST MODIFICATION 29 Wall/floor tiler Mk2 Fiesta Engine swap and banded steels on the Mk2 INTERIOR FAVOURITE FORD SHOW OR EVENT? TRACK DAY OR SHOW & SHINE? LESSONS LEARNT FROM THIS PROJECT? Classic Ford Show Track day Things always cost more than you first think! WHAT’S NEXT Putting them all away for winter and starting work on my 2- door Mk1 Escort “I’d like to say a massive thanks to my good mate Lee Warren – he built the Mk2 Fiesta from scratch and maintains all three. I wouldn’t have anyone else touch my cars! And also to Marcus at Mirror Finish Detailing, for transforming the paintwork on the Mk2 Fiesta and the Focus.” THANKS 52 FAST FORD JANUARY 2019

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