Fast Ford : 2019-01-01

FF TECH : 89 : 89


HOW TO FIT FIESTA ST INTERCOOLER 15 14 13 The intercooler shroud is then unbolted at the side with these Torx fixings… This is one of the pieces that highlights how well-engineered the Pro Alloy kit is, because the new bracket supplied with the kit has provision to re-mount the sensor. Moving up to the top of the shrouding now, the atmosphere temperature sensor needs to be removed - it simply unclips…. 18 17 16 While underneath there are three 8mm Allen-head bolts too. If your ST has the standard intercooler, remove the fixing bolts at this step. This intercooler was fixed to the bonnet catch bracket using two 10mm Allen-head bolts…. Before the whole shroud is lifted clear of the car… 21 20 19 At the top of the bracket, you’ll need to free it off by taking out the 10mm bolts too. Next, remove the old intercooler support brackets, which are held on with 8mm bolts. The new one is mounted using supplied brackets that, in turn, replace the crash bar. Time to call your mate again, as you’ll need a hand to lift the intercooler free. 24 23 22 You will also need to release components like the horn bracket – held in place with a 10mm bolt. Again, we’ll see there’s provision for these in the new intercooler/crash bar brackets. This is held on with various fixings, starting with these 8mm bolts into the radiator support. Charlie now puts some support underneath the radiator because the next job is to take the old crash bar out… 89 JANUARY 2019 FAST FORD

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