Fast Ford : 2019-01-01

FF TECH : 90 : 90


FF TECH 27 26 25 The crash bar can be removed from the car – again with a bit of support from a mate. Next, bolt these new brackets in place of the old crash bar – there’s one either side and they initially fit with those 13mm bolts you’ve just taken out in Step 25. The original crash bar is held to the chassis with four 13mm bolts. Remove these, and… 30 29 28 At this point Charlie takes a second to check that the bonnet still fits and catches up properly as we’ve done a bit of disturbing in this area. Happy that the bonnet closes properly, now, it’s time to replace some of those bits using the purpose-made provisions in the brackets, like the horn bracket removed in Step 24. The Pro Alloy crash bar is also fixed to the radiator support with the 8mm bolts removed in Step 23. 33 32 31 The bottom fixings into the radiator support can now be replaced – although don’t nip them up tight just yet, they’ll need a bit of jiggling to manoeuvre it all into place. The new crash bar slides into the brackets we fitted in Step 27 and is secured…. The good bit, now. Place the Pro Alloy intercooler on top of the brackets you’ve just fitted; whilst at the same time, sliding the boost pipes into the silicone hoses. FINISH 35 36 34 All that remains is to tighten the hose clamps, plug in the temperature sensor, and refit the undertray and bumper (the undertray no longer needs the plastic legs from Step 9). Refitting is the reverse of removal. That’s it, job done. With the car back together you barely notice anything;’s changed, but under the skin there’s a serious bit of motorsport kit, ready to improve performance, aid reliability, and pave the way for future tuning. …using a 17mm bolt through the crash bar and bracket; one either side. Once this is in place, you can go round and tighten up the bolts you left loose earlier. 90 FAST FORD JANUARY 2019

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