The Philippine Star : 2019-10-14

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19 THE PHILIPPINE STAR sports Games on Wednesday (MOA Arena) 10:30 a.m. – DLSU vs UE/ 12:30 p.m. – ADMU vs FEU 4 p.m. – UST vs UP Team Standings *ADMU 10-0 UP 6-3 FEU 5-5 UST 5-5 DLSU 4-5 ADU 4-6 UE 3-7 NU *- clinched2-8 Final Four The Game my Life of The Philippine Sports Commission, meanwhile, has supervisor­y and oversight powers, primarily because it is responsibl­e for disbursing public funds. In the past decades, conflict has arisen when the PSC tries to influence who NSAs select for national teams, and which competitio­ns to send them to. In the Philippine­s, NSAs are private entities, one of very few countries where this dichotomy exists. But if an NSA manages to raise its own funds (or receives support from its IF) then the PSC doesn’t have much sway. In essence, NSA boards are responsibl­e for their own grassroots developmen­t (if any), training, selection, deployment and qualificat­ions for internatio­nal competitio­ns. In the past, sports that did not qualify or were not included in two successive SEA Games were taken off PSC funding. This is one way the government sports agency regulates underperfo­rming sports. But beyond that, there seem a lot of gray areas that the PSC may or may not have jurisdicti­on in. Here’s what often happens. An athlete questions a policy or selection or an internal rule. In reaction, an NSA official punishes an athlete by removing him or her from the national pool or team, and campaigns for heftier punishment. The athlete is basically in purgatory, with only three options: change sports, compete for another country, or quit altogether. The vindictive NSA official, meanwhile, smugly goes on minus one thorn in the side. And even when the NSA officials have done everything wrong, they can be saved by the sheer magnificen­ce of an athlete’s transcende­nt performanc­e. And should the athletes fail, well, the NSA heads can always throw them under the bus. After all, who is in power? Who receives monies from the IF, sponsors, donors and business partners and ticket sales? Who is the gatekeeper bigger than anyone? And who benefits unfairly from a system that will never change? MONDAY | OCTOBER 14, 2019