Daily Mail - Daily Mail Weekend Magazine : 2020-09-26

IT'S SHOWTIME : 21 : 21


JACI STEPHEN’S ultimate insight into the week’s soaps lost in a snowstorm. Meanwhile, Stuart is waiting in a hearse that has developed an electrical fault and locked him in. Here’s a thought – climb over the seat and into the area normally reserved for a coffin. Trust me: that back hatch will open easily. Ever since her arrival, Frankie has been showing disturbing tendencies and Mick is right to have suspicions, especially when he finds she has taken so many pictures of him and his family and then starts to question him. Oh please, not another long-lost relative of the Carter family. There aren’t enough bedrooms in the Square. ■ SILENCE IS NOT SO GOLDEN There’s a lot for Mandy (pictured) to digest. She gets her wires crossed over the term asexuality when she tries to matchmake Liv and Vinny, then begs Vinny to keep her secret from Paul about the baby she lost. Will Vinny spill the beans about Paul’s big secret, too? Not the one that in Corrie he was an insurance fraudster, a bad kitchen fitter (Gail never even got a dishwasher) and is, to all intents and purposes, dead. As if Mandy didn’t have enough to contend with already, having to wear the ghastly leopardpri­nt nylon that clings to her like a measles rash. Give the poor woman a break. TURN TO NEXT PAGE FOR YOUR SEVEN-DAY MOVIE PLANNER weekend 21