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My 1982 This picture doesn’t show it, but I was a very placid baby. I’m one of the middle children of four siblings and I’ve always been the most chilled out of all of us. I have my moments, but my older sister Sally is more dramatic so maybe I was the balance to that. This was taken at my first birthday party. In those days parties meant jam tarts and pass the parcel – if we were lucky – and we loved it. through a 1988old I was always for my age. Even at primary school I was like an old woman and people used to find the stuff I came out with very amusing. My son Bobby is exactly the same. The performing bug was instant for me – the first dance I ever did publicly was a full-on song called Hand Me Down My Silver Trumpet Gabriel and I thought all my Christmase­s had come at once. Celebritie­s share the stories behind their snaps. This week it’s actress and former Girls Aloud singer Kimberley Walsh, 38 2009Relief 2002 2009We 2018am 2012Strict­ly 2010the weekend DAILY MAIL WEEKEND IS PUBLISHED BY ASSOCIATED NEWSPAPERS LTD. PRINTED BY PRINOVIS UK LTD, 4 DAKOTA DRIVE, LIVERPOOL L24 8RJ. REGISTERED AS A NEWSPAPER AT THE POST OFFICE. © ASSOCIATED NEWSPAPERS LIMITED 2020. PLEASE RECYCLE Our newspapers, magazines and polythene wrapping are 100% recyclable. 86