Daily Mail : 2020-09-02

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TELEVISION 52 Wednesday, September 2, 2020 Daily Mail, BBC1 BBC2 ITV CHANNEL 4 (HD) (HD) Entertainm­ent and fashion news. 6.00 Good Morning Britain 9.00 L orraine (HD) (HD) (AD,HD) (AD,R,HD) (R,HD) (BSL,HD) (BSL,R,HD) (R,HD) (R,HD) (R,HD) (R,HD) (R,HD) 6.00 Breakf ast 9.00 BBC News 10.00 Animal Park 10.45 Homes Under the Hammer 6.45 Animal Park 7.30 Garden Rescue 8.15 See Hear 8.45 Beechgro ve 9.15 W anted Down Under 10.00 BBC News 11.15 P olitics Live 1.00 The Boss 1.45 Curious Creatures 6.30 Mik e & Molly 6.55 Mike & Molly 7.20 Cheers 7.45 Cheers 8.15 E verybody Loves Raymond 8.45 E verybody Loves Raymond 9.15 F rasier 9.45 F rasier 10.15 The Big Bang Theory 10.45 The Big Bang Theory 11.10 Undercover Boss USA 12.05 Channel 4 News Summary 12.10 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA (HD) A mix of celebrity chat, lifestyle features, advice and competitio­ns. (HD) Another helping of topical studio discussion from a female perspectiv­e, featuring celebrity interviews. Weather (HD) Weather (HD) (HD) Cameras follow criminal barrister Robert Rinder as he takes on real-life cases in a studio courtroom. 10.00 This Morning (AD,R,HD) Properties in Cheshire, Dudley and West Yorkshire. (HD) (AD,R,HD) From Ardingly in West Sussex. Weather (HD) Weather (AD,HD) Claudia’s drug project enrages Renee, and it remains to be seen how Hamid will react to Ash’s announceme­nt. (R,HD) Paralympic athletes take on the general knowledge experts. (AD,R,HD) Searching for a country home in rural Gloucester­shire. (HD) Charlie Dimmock and Harry and David Rich create a colourful sculpture garden in a home in Llandrindo­d Wells. (R,HD) Catherine Southon and James Braxton make their way from Leicesters­hire to South Yorkshire. (R,HD) Quiz, hosted by Alexander Armstrong. Weather (HD) Weather (AD,R) (AD,R) (HD) (HD) (R,HD) 12.30 L oose Women (AD,R) (AD,R) 11.45 Island Medics 12.15 Bargain Hunt (AD,R,HD) (AD,R,HD) (R,HD) (HD) With panellists Ferne Corrigan and Iolo Williams. (R,HD) George and Sarah contemplat­e a suitable grave site for Regina. (R) Carol Kirkwood looks at subjects beginning with the letter O. (AD,R,HD) The Robshaws get to grips with the home life of the 1960s. 1.00 BBC News at One; 1.30 BBC Regional News; 1.45 The Heights 1.30 Ne ws; 1.55 R egional News; 2.00 Judge Rinder 2.15 A Place to Call Home (R) Gordon Ramsay tries to save New Jersey’s Spanish Pavilion. (AD,R,HD) Hugh Fearnley-Whittingst­all rejuvenate­s the working lunch. (HD) With guest Dr Linda Papadopoul­os. (R,HD) Henry Cole and Simon O’Brien come across a gramophone and a stow-away bed to restore. (HD) A home in Andalusia. 3.05 A to Z of TV Gardening 1.05 River Cottage Every Day 2.15 Celebrity Eggheads (HD) Rylan Clark-Neal hosts the supermarke­tbased game show in which three pairs of shoppers go wild in the aisles to win a £3,000 prize. (HD) Game show, hosted by Ben Shephard, in which contestant­s answer questions to win turns on a machine in the hope of winning up to £10,000. (HD) Bradley Walsh presents as contestant­s Jamie, Steve, Abbey and Rachel work as a team to take on one of the ruthless Chasers and secure a cash prize. Weather (HD) Weather (HD) 3.00 Supermark et Sweep 3.15 Back in Time for Dinner 2.10 Countdo wn 3.00 Escape to the Country (AD,R,HD) How animals living in groups divide the labour. (R,HD) Antique experts James Lewis and Catherine Southon search for items to take off to auction at Dover Castle in Kent. 4.15 Animal Super Parents 3.00 Find It, Fix It, Flog It 4.00 Tipping Point 3.45 Garden Rescue 5.15 Flog It! 4.00 A Place in the Sun 4.30 Antiques Road Trip 5.00 The Chase 5.00 Couples Come Dine with Me 6.00 Richard Osman’s House of Games (R,HD) A trio of couples try to outdo each other in Aberdeen. (AD,R) Lisa helps build a recycling centre. (AD,R) Bart destroys Lisa’s saxophone. (R,HD) With Andi Oliver, Ivo Graham, Phill Jupitus and Kate Humble. 6.00 The Simpsons 5.15 P ointless 6.30 The Farmers’ Country Showdown (R,HD) The pedigree sheep competitio­n at the Pembrokesh­ire County Show. 6.00 R egional News; 6.30 Ne ws; 6.30 The Simpsons 6.00 6.30 BBC News at Six; BBC Regional News; 7 8 9 10 11 12 (HD) PM PICK PM 9.00 Harlots 9.00 Black Work 9.00 24 Hours in A&E PICK PICK PICK PICK 9.50 Harlots PICK PM 10.00 News 10.30 R egional News 10.45 Newsnight PM 11.25 F ort Salem 11.05 Firs t Dates 11.45 Supermark et Sweep PM (BSL,R,HD) Home Is Where the Art Is (AD,BSL,R,HD) Murder, Mystery and My Family (AD,BSL,R,HD) This Is BBC2 (HD) (HD) Ideal World (HD) James Martin’s American Adventure (AD,BSL,R,HD) ITV Nightscree­n (HD) Judge Rinder (BSL,R,HD) 12.05 Celebrity MasterChef: A Recipe for Success 12.15 See Hear 12.35 Tour de France Highlights 1.00 1.55 2.50 (AD,R,HD) for the Week Ahead (HD) News (HD) Weather BBC 1.05 1.10 FILM ◆ 2.15 3.50 4.15 5.05 5.10 5.35 MNT 5.50 ■ ● ◆ Family viewing (R) Repeat. (HD) High Definition. (AD) Audio Descriptio­n. (b/w) Not in colour. (BSL) British Sign Language. PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTE­D BY PRESSREADE­R PressReade­r.com +1 604 278 4604 . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY ORIGINAL COPY COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW 7.00 The One Show 7.00 Celebrity Antiques Road Trip (R,HD) Actresses Anna Chancellor and Holly Aird take to the antique shops of the Home Counties, ably assisted by experts Natasha Raskin Sharp and Margie Cooper. 7.00 Emmerdale (AD,HD) Alya is furious to find an delivery on the doorstep of Speed Daal. 7.00 Channel 4 News 7.30 Saving Our Ecovillage — Our Lives (HD) Presented by Amol Rajan and Alex Jones. (AD,HD) The lives of residents of a pioneering Welsh eco-village, Brithdir Mawr. 7.30 Coronation Street (AD,HD) Paul assures Vinny that nothing will force them apart again. 8.00 The Repair Shop 8.00 Great Continenta­l Railway Journeys (AD,HD) Michael Portillo travels by train through Austria and the Czech Republic, beginning in the northern Austrian city of Linz, where Adolf Hitler lived as a young boy. 8.00 The Secret Life of the Zoo (AD,HD) More of the most memorable moments from the past five years, including one of the zoo’s most enduring love stories at Penguin Island. 8.00 Heathro w: Britain’s Busiest Airport (AD,HD) Hugh has a potential mess on his hands. 8.30 Coronation Street Icons: Roy Cropper (AD,HD) Classic storylines involving the eccentric cafe owner. See Critics’ Choice. Street’s (AD,R,HD) Detective drama, starring Sheridan Smith as a police officer investigat­ing her husband’s murder. See Critics’ Choice. 9.00 R eported Missing (AD,R,HD) The team tackles a binoculars salvaged from a U-Boat, two boxing belts awarded to a celebrated Tongan heavyweigh­t, a vintage mechanical money box and an old wooden high chair. (AD,HD) Gloucester­shire Police search for two vulnerable drug users. See Critics’ Choice. 10.40 Rick Stein’s Long Weekends (AD,HD) New series. Lydia Quigley finds herself in court. See Critics’ Choice. (AD,HD) Nancy is sentenced to flogging. See Critics’ Choice. (AD,R,HD) The chef visits the city of Bologna. (HD) (Followed by Weather) 10.00 BBC News at Ten 10.30 BBC Regional News (HD) (Followed by Weather) (HD) Male witches arrive at Fort Salem. 10.00 Inside Missguided: Made in Manchester (AD,HD) New series. Return of the documentar­y following life inside an A&E department. See Critics’ Choice. (AD,HD) In the final episode, cameras follow the Missguided team as they prepare for one of the most important days of the year. Last in series. Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA (R) Lodgers for Codgers (AD,R,HD) Couples Come Dine with Me (R,HD) FILM: Fun Size (2012) (12) (HD) Comedy, starring Victoria Justice. Fifteen to One (R,HD) All Star Driving School (R,HD) Kirstie’s Fill Your House for Free (R,HD) Countdown (R,HD) Generally suitable for all Caution recommende­d 12.10 (AD,R,HD) Two daters returning to the restaurant include consultant Jack, who is unwilling to change for anyone, and social worker Becky. 10.45 F ort Salem (HD) The base celebrates an annual festival dedicated to love and seduction. 10.45 Piers Morgan’s Life Stories (HD) (Followed by Weather) (HD) (Followed by Weather) (R,HD) Athlete Mo Farah discusses his pain at being separated from twin brother as a child. (R,HD) Rylan Clark-Neal hosts the supermarke­t-based game show in which three pairs of shoppers go wild in the aisles to win a £3,000 prize. 1.25 3.00 11.30 Manc topia: Billion Pound Property Boom (AD,R,HD) The West Tower in the city centre boom opens to the booming rental market. 12.45 1.30