The Scotsman : 2020-09-08

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11 THE SCOTSMAN Tuesday 8 September 2020 SCOTSMAN.COM @THESCOTSMA­N We’l l pay the bi l ls when you ca n’t. Protect you r i ncome aga i nst accident, sickness a nd u nemploy ment. Anxiety and stress are all too common. Unfortunat­ely, we do not have control over events that take place around us day to day, with financial worry being a main contributo­r to our own personal stress and anxiety. Do you worry about how you would pay your household bills each month should something unexpected happen? Would you like a tax-free monthly payment of up to £2,000 for the next 12 months? Would you like peace of mind that your bills are paid whilst you are recovering from an accident or sickness, or whilst finding your next career move? Simple, comprehens­ive, cost-effective accident, sickness and unemployme­nt income protection is what you need. Visit instaprote­ or call 0333 344 7473. Cal l 0333 344 7473 or visit instaprote­ k I nsta Protect is a trad i ng na me of Best Risk Ma nagement a nd Fi na ncia l Service Li mited who a re authorised a nd regu lated by the Fi na ncia l Conduct Authority (FCA reg istration nu mber 583497).