The Scotsman : 2020-09-08

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14 THE SCOTSMAN Tuesday 8 September 2020 SCOTSMAN.COM @THESCOTSMA­N Business OPEN as usual. Call free to find out how much you could release. I released tax-free money from my home And now I don’t make any mortgage repayments Low interest rates fixed for li fe Maintain 10 0% home ownership1 Clear your existing mor tgage ✓ ✓ ✓ We will ex plain how equit y r elease could af fec t t he amount of in her it ance you can leave and if you r ent it lement to means-tested benefit s could be af fec ted now or in t he fu tu r e. Equit y release may involve a home rever sion plan or a lifetime mor tgage which is secured against your proper t y. To under stand the features and risks ask for your pe r sonalised illustrati­on. Equit y release re quire s paying of f any existing mor tgage. Any money released, plus accrued inte re st, would be repaid upon death or moving into long-term care. *Based on volume of plans, Touchstone data 2018 -19. with a Lifetime Mor tgage. REQ UES YOU T R FRE GUI E DE The UK’S No.1 Equit y Release Advisor * 1 Only To find out how much tax-free cash you could release and to request your FREE guide, call Freephone 0808 1450 167 or visit www.equit y.agepar /JP Ag e Pa r tne r s hip L imite d i s a utho r i s e d a n d r e g ul ate d by th e Fina nc i al Co nduc t Autho r it y. FCA re gis te re d nu mbe r 425 4 32. Compa ny re gi ste re d in Engl a n d a nd Wale s No. 526 59 6 9. Ag e Pa r tne r s hip L imite d, 220 0 Ce ntur y Way, T ho rp e Pa r k , Le e d s, LS15 8ZB. VAT re gi stratio n numbe r 162 9 355 92.