The Scotsman : 2020-09-08



C L ASS I F I E D 5 1 T U E S D A Y 8 S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 0 | The scotsman Classified Personal Wanted Personal Finance WANTED Homeowners aged 55 or over Caravans, Motorhomes & Campervans Could you release a lump sum of money from your home? Any make, model or condition. Anything considered, damp not a problem. TOP PRICES PAID & WILL COLLECT FROM ANYWHERE Equit y re lea se may involve a ho me reve r sio n pla n o r a lifetime mor tgage whi ch i s s e cure d ag a in s t yo u r p ro p e r t y. To unde r st a n d the fe ature s a n d r i s ks a s k fo r your pe r s o n ali s e d i ll u s t r ati o n. Equi t y re l e a s e re quir e s paying of f a ny ex i s tin g mor tg ag e. A ny money re lea se d, plu s ac c r u e d inte re s t, would be re pa id up on de ath o r movin g into l o n g -te r m c a re. * UK’S No1, ba se d on volume of pla ns, sou rce: To u ch sto ne dat a Ja n 2018 - S e pt 2019. REQ UES YOU T R FRE GUI E DE FRE GUI E DE CALL ANY TIME 0771709656­3 The UK’S No.1 Equity Release Advisor* caravanbuy­ Re que st your FREE guid e to e quit y r e l e ase Holidays Business Personal Freephone 0808 1450 167 Ag e Pa r tne r s hip L imite d is au tho r i se d a n d re gu late d by the Fina n c i a l Con du c t Autho r i t y. FCA re gi ste re d numbe r 4254 32. Co mpany re gi ste re d i n Engla n d a n d Wale s No. 526 59 6 9. Ag e Pa r tne r ship L i mite d, 220 0 Ce ntur y Way, T ho r p e Par k, Le e d s, LS15 8ZB. VAT re gi stration numbe r 162 935 5 9 2. Self Catering Business Services Men Seeking Women Public Notices MEADOWHEAD PARKS SHORT BREAKS OR LONGER FROM 3 JULY 2020 COAST OR COUNTRY ESTATE EDINBURGH . N BERWICK . DUNBAR & NORTHUMBER­LAND COAST HOLIDAYS & OWNERSHIP CARAVAN & WIGWAM HOLIDAYS SHEPHERD’S HUTS SEASIDE COTTAGE TOURING & CAMPING WITH EXCELLENT FACILITIES WONDERFUL PARKS . FABULOUS HOLIDAYS 4 STUNNING LOCATIONS BOOK ONLINE WWW.MEADOWHEAD.CO.UK OR CALL 0870 760 6924. NEIL; LONELY, loving, caring, warm-hear ted, down to ear th male with a good sense of humour, aged 56 years, wants to meet female aged between 34 - 64 years for loving committed relationsh­ip. I'm six feet tall with mid-brown hair, blue eyes and I am of slim build and I'm fairly young looking. I am Scottish. I am presently living in Glasgow. There is no problem with meeting any interested female in Edinburgh as Edinburgh is only 50 minutes from Glasgow, by train. Please telephone or text me any time on my mobile which is: 0770 6455 500 or phone me anytime on my landline which is 0141 552 6960. Or send replies to box no 608 SEM608 The Scotsman Publicatio­ns Ltd, 30 Queensferr­y Road, EH4 2HS. I welcome replies from any interested females of any status, background or nationalit­y including single mothers. Public Notices CONCRETE YARD AVAILABLE FOR RENT Public & Legal Notice COVID-19 UPDATE FROM JPI MEDIA: • 6000 Sq Meter Yard, to include office, weighbridg­e, bunded Fuel Tank • L Shaped High Roof Open Building If you require a Public & Legal notice, our team is still on had to assist you with this. Our business hours and deadlines will remain the same. For any enquiries in the first place please email publicnoti­ with your requiremen­ts, Including your full name, Full business address including post code, A contact telephone number Full wording for the notice you require Newspaper title and date required. Contact Michael Owens 0783188116­8 email caledonian­   Personal    For further advice please call the team on Personal Finance Family & Friend Search 0207 023 7931 UK HomeOwner Aged 55yrs+? JOBSTODAY.CO.UK /JOB-ALERTS LOOKING FOR FAMILIES whose relatives were at St Valery or Dunkirk and became prisoners of war and took par t in The Long March in 1945. rosalindjo­ 07951 125461 Motors Motorcycle­s EXPERT ADVICE Unlock Tax Free Cash Fund a longer, active retirement Pay nothing while you live in the home Support family with funds to buy a first home OVER THE PHONE Royal Enfield Motorcycle for sale Bullet 500, 2008, 6,000 miles, beautiful condition, runs a dream, black. £2300 Tel: 0754218136­8 0800 009 6813 CALL NOW Book a FREE Consultati­on Britannia Mobility & Bathing Aid Ltd: Registrati­on No 10571354 2008 £2300