Mercury (Hobart) : 2019-01-15

COMMUNITY : 20 : 20


20 TUESDAY, JANUARY 15, 2019 CAPRICORN ARIES CANCER LIBRA (Dec 23 to Jan 20) (Mar 21 to Apr 20) (June 22 to July 23) (Sept 24 to Oct 23) Slow down Capricorn! Take the time to look at things in a more sensitive and compassionate way. Personal projects and social media are favoured today, as you get creative and be proactive. It’s a terrific time to brainstorm creative ideas that you can use at work. Looking for your dream job? Make a wish-list of what you require, and then send your intentions out to the Universe. Be proactive and creative about your peer group, social circle and international connections today. You’ll find the more you nurture foreign friendships, the more luck will come your way. Today you’re in the mood to relate to relatives or colleagues in extra kind and caring ways. So it’s the perfect time to strip back the layers of confusion and get to the bottom of relationship issues. AQUARIUS TAURUS LEO SCORPIO (Jan 21 to Feb 19) (Apr 21 to May 20) (July 24 to Aug 23) (Oct 24 to Nov 22) Are you worrying about money? A more creative approach could really turn things around. When it comes to work, find a compatible colleague and start brainstorming some fabulous ideas! If you’re too cautious, you’ll miss a lucky opportunity. So your motto for the day is from birthday great, Martin Luther King. “Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” Creative and spiritual Neptune helps you dive into the unknown today. So put on your detective cap as you dig up a mystery, uncover a secret or research a topic that has always intrigued you. You’re in the mood for flights of fancy and creative conversations. So you’ll seek out meaningful connections today, as compassionate Neptune deepens your feelings and increases your Scorpio sensitivity. PISCES GEMINI VIRGO SAGITTARIUS (Feb 20 to Mar 20) (May 21 to June 21) (Aug 24 to Sept 23) (Nov 23 to Dec 22) Have you got a problem that’s troubling you? Or are you experiencing a tricky situation with a friend or acquaintance? Today your trusty Piscean intuition will point you in the right direction. Imagination and creativity will take you far today Twins, as you examine a current problem with extra care and compassion. Remember — the best solution is not necessarily the most obvious one. Make sure you offer plenty of compassionate support to others. They are looking to you for encouragement and positive solutions, rather than constant criticism – however “constructive” it is. Curiosity and creativity are high today. So find positive ways to channel your sunny Sagittarian energy. Family matters are also favoured, especially if you are extra kind and compassionate. Mary MacKillop Aristotle Onassis, Martin Luther King Jr, James Nesbitt, 1559: (St Mary of the Cross), Australian nun (1842-1909); Greek shipping magnate (1906-75); US civil rights leader (1929-68); UK actor (b1965); French tennis player (b1975). England’s Queen Elizabeth I is crowned at Westminster Abbey. The Pentagon opens outside Washington DC. The Awards, soon to be renamed the Logies, are presented for the first time in Melbourne. For a Capricorn, you are very idealistic. The next 12 months is the time to turn a big dream into a practical reality. Spirituality, creativity and compassion are highlighted today. 1943: 1959: TV Week Mary Pierce, MERE01Z01MA - V1 PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTED BY PRESSREADER +1 604 278 4604 ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW

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