Are you longing for more beyond your current circumstances? To be more? Do more? Have more? Give more?

These vital questions form the heart of Becoming More, a game-changing exploration by Dianna Kokoszka, an award-winning entrepreneur, former CEO, and business leader.

This timeless yet urgently needed message blends the author’s hard-won business and leadership insights with proven models and real-life applications crafted to guide you on a journey of personal and professional growth.

As you delve into the unfolding narrative, Becoming More will inspire you to:

  • Take control of being the creator, crusader, and champion of your own story.
  • Recognize and reshape limiting patterns, turning breakdowns into breakthroughs.
  • Discover the power of adopting a Be-Do-Have-Give approach to life.
  • Reframe your words to ensure a better future.
  • Develop the four energies of success to achieve what you desire.
  • Embrace a mindset characterized by growth, positivity, abundance, and gratitude.
  • Leave a positive and life-changing legacy that adds value to others.

The pursuit of becoming more will not only create addition in your life but go a step further to multiplication—exponentially enhancing your relationships, finances and career, spiritual and intellectual life. Moreover, it empowers you to uplift and inspire the growth of those around you.

About the author(s)

Dianna Kokoszka is an entrepreneur, keynote speaker, author, and mentor. As an award-winning business leader, she has established herself as a prominent figure in the business world, developing many leaders during her longevity. Dedicating thirteen years as CEO of KW MAPS Coaching and Training at Keller Williams Realty International, she played a pivotal role in propelling the company to become the largest and most profitable coaching enterprise in the real estate industry. As innovator, creator, and author of the KW BOLD Experience and Coaching Skills Camp she helped lead the company to be recognized as the number one training company in the world. She is a board member of Growing Leaders, a John Maxwell Leadership Foundation Organization, and captures every opportunity to journey alongside EQUIP Leadership Inc., a non-profit dedicated to instilling values in individuals and transforming nations.

Dianna is a practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programing (NLP) and a founding member of the John Maxwell Team of Certified Coaches (IMC). As a lifelong learner, she has followed and been mentored by John C. Maxwell since the mid-1990s. Her greatest passions revolve around developing leaders and encouraging individuals to recognize and harness their innate potential.

Amongst her impressive achievements, Dianna’s most cherished titles are wife, mother, and grandmother. Her genuine concern for the welfare of others serves as the driving forces behind all her endeavors, fueling her unwavering commitment to add value to others.


“Too often we settle for far less than God’s best for our lives—which is why I’m so excited about Becoming More. Dianna Kokoszka has distilled her leadership experience, business success, and personal faith into a powerful catalyst for breaking free from the perceived limitations we place on ourselves. As timeless as it is urgently relevant, Becoming More ignites positive change that endures.” 

Chris Hodges, Senior Pastor, Church of the Highlands and Author of Out of the Cave and Pray First

“To reach your potential, and become the person you were created to be, you must grow. Dianna Kokoszka’s Becoming More will serve as a road map, helping guide you to a more brilliant future.”

Mark Cole, Owner/CEO of Maxwell Leadership

“In looking at the Becoming More Model, we love that Dianna first walked it out and refined it through her own life experience and now brings it to us in a simple, practical, and applicable process. This book is an answer to the powerful future probing question, ‘What story do I want to tell with my life?’ Start your journey now with Dianna.”

John Vereecken, President of Maxwell Leadership Español and Author of Corazon de Campeón, and Karla Vereecken, Operations Director of Maxwell Leadership Español

“There are no words for what I have been able to do through Dianna’s focus and intellect. She has given the world a remarkable road map to create a positive difference. Her teachings unveil the different steps that will bring us all to live a better story. The knowledge she shares in this book is life-changing.” 

Mary Tennant, former President of Keller Williams Realty International, Investor, and Philanthropist

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