A humorous handbook that'll teach you how to seize power and keep it, from Survivor Australia's most cunning mastermind, King George.

This motivational guidebook will teach you how to emulate the cunning, dastardly qualities of Australia's favourite reality TV villain, King George. Known for his witty one-liners, silver tongue and strategic genius, George has much to teach anyone who wants to control a room.

Each chapter is grounded in an insightful anecdote from George's life that will leave you doubled-over with laughter and ready to reign over your own kingdom. These lessons are drawn from key moments that have formulated his mindset, from his upbringing in a tight-knit Macedonian-Greek household in Bankstown, to his careers in politics, poker and TV - two times masterminding entire tribes on Survivor and sprinting around the world in The Amazing Race.

After reading this book, you'll be proclaiming GLORY OR DEATH to anyone who will listen.

About the author(s)

George Mladenov is a lawyer and political operative from Bankstown in southwest Sydney. Better known as King George, he is widely regarded for captivating audiences through his shrewd negotiating style and strategic prowess in two seasons of the television show Australian Survivor. Before appearing on Survivor, George worked in public policy for a decade, both as the President of the Bankstown Labor Party as well as the chief advisor to a NSW Shadow Minister.

George's unique mindset has been moulded by three key things: a strong sense of community from his upbringing in a Macedonian-Greek household in Western Sydney; an innate ability to predict human behaviour through his life as an amateur poker player; and a gift for getting his way learned from his work operating on the inside of Australian politics.

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