“A must-read to help men and women break the cycle and change the narrative.” — Blaise Hunter, Award-Winning Author of Heroine: Embrace Your Flaws and Own Your Awesome | Human Rights Consultant

After years of employment in a verbally abusive environment at the Iowa Statehouse, Kirsten Anderson lost her identity as an assertive, career-minded, confident, and empowered woman. Her relationship with her toxic employer ended when she was fired just hours after issuing a formal complaint. A legal and personal journey ensued. 

Anderson won her case. Since then, she has made it her mission to educate others about the complexities of sexual harassment, bullying, and retaliation in the workplace.

In More Than Words: Turn #MeToo into #ISaidSomething, Anderson shares her remarkable journey from the debilitating despair of harassment to hope. In each chapter, readers learn more about Anderson’s personal journey as well as exercises, questions, and actionable takeaways to confront harassment. 

The book encompasses Anderson’s journey and is filled with:

  • Real-world scenarios outlining the complexities of harassment
  • Practical application exercises for a modern world
  • Thought-provoking questions aimed at fostering dialogue
  • Actionable takeaways to confront harassment in an environment 

By sharing the realities targets of harassment face, Anderson intends to educate readers, help targets move forward and initiate change in toxic work environments to eliminate harassment once and for all.

“Read it, and let it inspire you to help change our culture for the better."  — Iowa State Auditor Rob Sand, Author of The Winning Ticket: Uncovering America's Biggest Lottery Scam



About the author(s)

Kirsten Anderson is a passionate communicator who began her professional career with a degree in broadcast journalism from Northwest Missouri State University. She found herself an unlikely advocate for others after experiencing sexual harassment, retaliation, and wrongful termination in her role of Communications Director at the Iowa Statehouse. She took her former employer to court and won. 

Since then, Anderson has made it her mission to help other targets of harassment, support those who love them, and educate bystanders. She founded Equitas Solutions, a consultancy to help business build better, safer workplaces, and wrote More Than Words: Turn #MeToo into #ISaidSomething, a book empowering change in individuals, groups, and work environments. 

Anderson was 2018 Metro Woman of the Year and a finalist for Inspiring Woman of Iowa. When she isn’t transforming workplace culture, she and her husband spend time revitalizing their historic home. They also enjoy playing board games and cycling with their son and watching him play football.



“...a personal handbook to help give power back to people in toxic work environments…Anderson gets across the multifaceted pain that a target of abuse must work through, and she also effectively gives potential allies a guide for what they can do if they ever witness toxic behavior themselves. An approachable and layered memoir and manual to help fight workplace harassment.

Any who would identify and overcome sexual harassment in the workplace needs this story...Ultimately, More Than Words lives up to its name by offering a series of actions readers can apply to their own lives, from initial understanding and adjusting reactions along the way to the legal paths Anderson chose. While More Than Words is highly recommended for business, psychology, and social and women's issues library collections, it ideally should play a starring role in not just book club discussions, but groups where victims of bullying and harassment have the chance to voice their experiences—and then (thanks to this book's blueprints and examples) do something about them.”

"As a former prosecutor of numerous sexually violent predators, I've seen too many times the terrible harm brought upon targets by abusers. Kirsten here does a wonderful job of describing the impact of sexual harassment upon her, her family, and her career. Read it, and let it inspire you to help change our culture for the better."

Iowa State Auditor Rob Sand, Author of The Winning Ticket: Uncovering America's Biggest Lottery Scam

“While Kirsten D. Anderson’s More Than Words: Turn #MeToo Into #ISaidSomething is a deeply personal account and reckoning of her experiences with workplace sexual harassment and her long fight to stand up against it, it’s also a smart call to action for our larger culture and society. She shines a light on the parts we all play in this pervasive problem, and highlights what we can do to combat it. By sharing her own painful story, Anderson gives us a roadmap to get to a better, safer, and more equitable place.

Kali White VanBaale, author of The Monsters We Make

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