Financial Feminist

Overcome the Patriarchy's Bullsh*t to Master Your Money and Build a Life You Love


An instant New York Times bestseller

From the globally-recognized personal finance educator and social media star behind Her First $100K, an inclusive guide to all things money—from managing debt to investing and voting with your dollars

Tori Dunlap was always good with money. As a kid, she watched her prudent parents balance their checkbook every month and learned to save for musical tickets by gathering pennies in an Altoids tin. But she quickly discovered that her experience with money was pretty unusual, especially among her female friends.

It wasn’t our fault. Investigating this financial literacy and wealth gap, Tori found that girls are significantly less likely to receive a holistic financial education; we’re taught to restrain our spending, while boys are taught about investing and rewarded for pursuing wealth. In adulthood, women are hounded by the unfounded stereotype of the frivolous spenders whose lattes are to blame for the wealth gap. And when something like, say, a global pandemic happens, we’re the first to have jobs cut and the last to re-enter the workforce. It's no wonder money is a source of anxiety and a barrier to equality for so many of us.

But what if money didn't mean restriction, and instead, choice? The ability to luxuriously travel, quit toxic jobs, donate to important organizations, retire early? The freedom to live the life you want, and change the world while you do it?

Tori founded Her First $100K to teach women to overcome the unique obstacles standing in the way of their financial freedom. In Financial Feminist, she distills the principles of her shame- and judgment-free approach to paying off debt, figuring out your value categories to spend mindfully, saving money without monk-like deprivation, and investing in order to spend your retirement tanning in Tulum.

You will learn:

- Exercises to help you understand your current relationship with money, figure out what you want to change, and how to make that happen

- How to decide on your investment goal, and discover the three steps to meeting it

- Learn how to source the data you need to negotiate the money you deserve

Featuring journaling prompts, deep-dives into the invisible aspects of the financial landscape, and interviews with experts on everything money—from predatory credit card companies to the racial wealth gap and voting with your dollars—Financial Feminist is the ultimate guide to making your money work harder for you (rather than the other way around.)

About the author(s)

Tori Dunlap is an internationally-recognized money expert and podcast host. After saving $100,000 at age 25, Tori quit her corporate job in marketing and founded Her First $100K to fight financial inequality by giving women actionable resources to better their money. 

Host of the #1 Business Podcast Financial Feminist, Tori's work has been featured on Good Morning America, the Today Show, the New York Times, Entrepreneur, Buzzfeed, CNN, and more. Called “the voice of financial confidence for women" by CNBC, she has helped over three million women negotiate salary, pay off debt, build their savings, and invest.

Tori now travels the world writing, speaking, and coaching about personal finance, online businesses, and confidence for women. Based in Seattle, she's probably eating fried chicken and watching a Timothée Chalamet YouTube compilation.


“Tori Dunlap is on top of the personal finance world.”  — TIME magazine

This book is for every woman who has huge goals and dreams for her life and just needs the money to afford them. Open this book to unlock the ultimate guide to living the life you want (without the money guilt)! — Jenna Kutcher, New York Times Bestselling Author and Host of the Goal Digger Podcast 

This isn't just a book about money, it's a book about changing your life and changing the world. — Kelsey Darragh, author of Don't F*cking Panic

If you're a woman and want to feel more confident about your money, Financial Feminist is required reading. This book helps to answer those nagging money questions. It's truly a must-read! — Tiffany "The Budgetnista" Aliche, New York Times bestselling Author of Get Good with Money

This should be required reading in high school and college! This book has an answer to every question a beginner has ever wondered about money, and how to use it to make a better life and world. — Justin Baldoni, filmmaker, actor & author

As someone who struggles with the scarcity mindset when it comes to money, reading Financial Feminist was groundbreaking — it outlines actionable steps to financial freedom and confidence, and I feel more empowered than ever to take charge of my money. — Nadya Okamoto, Co-Founder and CEO of August

Tori Dunlap is the superwoman of the financial world. I started reading this book and couldn't believe how jam-packed every chapter is with information. Tori makes personal finance inclusive, easy to understand, and fun! Financial Feminist deserves a space on every woman's bookshelf. — Rebecca Minkoff, Founder of Rebecca Minkoff  

"A much-needed book about the intersections between feminism and financial literacy." — Library Journal (starred review)

"A must-read." — Katie Couric Media

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