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be recognised આ ৵̙ Ҁ ึึᘬ й הϞᑌຑঘ٤ʮ̡ Ⴉ̙ ࣬ኽ Ꮠ ˜ ρɓ࢕™ึᘬ йdภ࠱΂Оഃ ܄ጵdѩ̙Ԯա˸ɨɓ ΐᓿ༾fίዚఙరҬ˜ ρɓ࢕™Ꮄ΋ஷБᅺႦd˸ਖ਼Ԯ௰ ৷ й ᓿ༾f f Your Marco Polo Club membership status is recognised across all alliance airlines. And you are entitled to a range of benefits, which are provided according to the following tier levels, no matter which cabin class you are flying in. Look out for the logo on airport signs and follow your path to top tier privileges. oneworld oneworld Priority *Access to preferred or pre-reserved seating is in accordance with the individual policy of the alliance airline operating the flight. First and business class check-in desks and lounges are not available at all airports. Fast track is not available at all airports. Priority baggage handling is not available on flights operated by British Airways. Extra baggage allowance benefits differ for Sapphire and Emerald level members. benefits are available only to passengers on scheduled flights that are both marketed and operated by a alliance airline (marketed means that there must be a alliance airline’s flight number on your ticket). American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Finnair, Iberia, Japan Airlines, LATAM Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Qantas, Qatar Airways, Royal Jordanian, S7 Airlines, SriLankan Airlines and are trademarks of their respective companies. LATAM Airlines (Paraguay) is currently not a part of Some limitations and exceptions may apply. For more information, visit oneworld oneworld oneworld oneworld oneworld Դ Ꮄ΋ࢭЗ፯኿א ༶༈ঘफ ˜ ρɓ࢕™ᑌຑঘ٤ʮ̡ ݁ഄf፬ଣ೮ዚ˓ᚃ ᎘ഃձਠਕ܄Зਖ਼ᓞձ൮Ⴗ܃ண݄ਗ਼ൖ˷ʔΝዚఙ ԶϾ֛ ஷ༸ਗ਼ൖ˷ʔΝዚఙ ԶϾ֛ € ਷ঘ٤ ༶ ঘफʔ ԶᎴ΋ஈଣ੔ጵБҽ؂ਕfމᔝᘒ ձၠᘒ ึࡰ Զ ᕘ̮੔ጵБҽࠢᕘʔΝf˜ ρɓ࢕™ ࣚ܄ᓿ༾̥ ቇ ׵ ࠱ ˜ ρɓ࢕™ᑌຑঘ٤ʮ̡ ձ ༶ ֛ ঘफf€ ܸዚୃɪ̀ ඲Ϟ ˜ ρɓ࢕™ᑌຑঘ٤ʮ̡ फዚ໮ᇁf € ਷ঘ٤ € ਷ঘ٤ €਷इঘ٤ € ᚆঘ٤ €Гफ˫਷࢕ঘ٤ €˚ ঘ٤ € ی ঘ٤ €৵ԸГԭঘ٤ €ዦݲঘ٤ €̔ ဧঘ٤ €ެ࢕ ঘ٤ Ԣᚆ̔ ঘ٤ ʿ˜ ρɓ࢕™݊Չ΢Іʮ̡ ਠᅺf-" ی ঘ٤Ñˋזΰ ۃʔ݊˜ ρɓ࢕™ ϓࡰ ؂ਕਗ਼ա f#SJUJTI "JSXBZT     e+BQBO "JSMJOFT e4 "JSMJOFT 4 Ҽ ࢭЗ඲፭ oneworld. Ž Ž "NFSJDBO "JSMJOFT e#SJUJTI "JSXBZT  e.BMBZTJB "JSMJOFT e2BOUBT 5". "JSMJOFT y 1BSBHVBZ fҞ஺τ ภ e$BUIBZ 1BDJGJD e'JOOBJS e*CFSJB e2BUBS "JSXBZT e3PZBM +PSEBOJBO -"5." fϞᗫ ž e-"5". "JSMJOFT -"5." 4SJ-BOLBO "JSMJOFT e XXX POFXPSME DPN CFOFGJUTf € ঘ٤ ࠢՓfν૧ ༆һεd e ሗ೮ɝʿ CATHAY PACIFIC CATHAY DRAGON 國 航空是 香港 基 的國際航空公創 之 國的 由 架飛及亞 太 美 中 及非 泰 一家以 為地始成員 一。 泰 機隊 逾洲、 平洋、歐洲、北 洲、 東 司,也 宇一家 聯盟機組成, 運 過 ,遍洲等地 。 是「寰營超區 」的條航線 「寰 」屬 的國 港 航空 是 香港 基 的國際航空公是國 航空 團的 國 港 航空 立目 營 由架 的 區域性 提 括 香港飛往中國內 宇一家 聯 成員 泰龍 ,以 為地 司,泰 集 一員。 泰 龍 於 年成 , 前 運一隊客機組成 機隊,為 個 城市 供服務, 從 地 個城市。 140 180 也 1985 47 50 23 Cathay Pacific is a Hong Kong-based international airline and a founding member of the ® alliance. With a fleet of more than 140 aircraft, the airline serves about 180 destinations across Asia, the Pacific, Europe, North America, the Middle East and Africa. 國泰航空 oneworld Cathay Dragon, an af filiate member of ®, is a Hong Kongbased international airline, and a member of the Cathay Pacific Group. Established in 1985, the airline now operates a fleet of 47 passenger aircraft and serves 50 regional cities, including 23 cities in mainland China from Hong Kong. 國泰港龍航空 oneworld

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