Intertrade : 2020-05-28

中国经贸 : 21 : 20


中国经贸 参考文献 [1] 共建创新包容的开放型­世界经济———习近平在习近平首届中­国国际进口博览会开幕­式上的主旨演讲 [Z/ OL]. (2018-11-05) [2020-03-10]. http: / / www gov cn/ go ngbao / content / 2018 / content_ 5343724 htm [J]. 2018 (23): 57-59 [J]. 2018 (12): 42-43 [J]. 2019 (1): 18-23 “ [J]. [J]. [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] 苏庆义, 界知识, 李春顶 进博会开启中国扩大开­放的新路径 报道, 刘建颖 多棱镜视角中的中国国­际进口博览会际贸易, 张娟 进口博览会” 举办背景下我国进口消­费商业模商业经济研究, 式创新研究 张娟, 发挥国际进口博览会效­应,沈玉良 国际贸易, 国进口 王睿雅 从历史和全球视野看进­博会 世 中国 国 2018 (21): 120-123 2018 (10): 45-51 持续扩大我 Countermea­sures of Promoting High Level Opening to the Outside World Through China Internatio­nal Import Expo ① LIU Hongkui② ZHANG Ting (① Shanxi University of Finance and Economics; ② Institute of Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences) Abstract: The holding of China Internatio­nal Import Expo is a major initiative of China to open its domestic world, up, market to the which embodies China s determinat­ion to expand its opening support economic globaliza⁃ economy opening- tion and promote the constructi­on of an open The Expo is an inevitable requiremen­t of China s era, up economic developmen­t in the new which is of great significan­ce for China to cope with internatio­nal trade high-level world frictions and promote a new round of opening to the outside This paper starting from the product level, level, level, the system the strategic level and the global governance explains that the Expo will become an high-level China Finally, important platform for a new round of opening up in puts forward some suggestion­s on system, fair, how to innovate the import management actively evaluate and publicize the internatio­nal role of the problems, mechanism properly deal with the possible and establish and improve the internatio­nal cooperatio­n Expo; economy; China Internatio­nal Import open the Belt and Road Initiative F19, F41, F43 Keywords: Classifica­tion: JEL (责任编辑: 王勇娟) 20 2020 5 国际贸易 年 第 期

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