Intertrade : 2020-05-28

中国经贸 : 35 : 34


中国经贸 [8] [9] [ 10] [ 11] [ 12] [ 13] [ 14] [ 15] [J]. 马斌 推动中欧班列高质量发­展的四条路径瞭望, 裴长洪, 刘斌. 中国对外贸易的动能转­换与国际竞争新经济研­究, 优势的形成 孙相军 中欧国际运输发展探讨 丝路 参考文献 2020 (2) [J]. 2017 (8): 54-56 [N]. [J]. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [J]. “义新欧” 2018 (12): 40-42 崔艳萍 中欧国际铁路运输通道­规划布局研究道经济研­究, 董华英, 一带一路” 吕宏芬 倡议下北方经贸,行的问题及措施 樊一江, 谢雨蓉 努力构建和完善中欧班­列价值链经济日报, 黄丽 加快发展中欧班列的策­略浅析 铁 2019 (5): 4-15. [J]. 2018 (4): 1-4 “ [J]. [N]. 2019-11-08 2016 (4): 33-36. 2016 (8): 85-87 2019-08-23 2019-12-05 综合运输,财政部要求中欧班列逐­年降补贴,孙俪朝 中国经营报,超运费四成 许英明, 邢李志, 一带一路” 董现垒 国际贸易,贸易通道研究 一带一路” 许英明 战略视角下中欧班列发­展路径探西南金融, 讨 中欧班列的市场结构、 杨志文 治理研究, 张文, 秦胜, 彭乾, 等 关于建立中欧班列质量­评价指铁道运输与经济,标体系的探讨 班列运 2019 2019-06-05 2019 (2): 80-86 2015 (10): 70-73 2018 (10): 5-12 [J]. 年不 “ [J]. [J]. [N]. 物流技术, 倡议下中欧班列 .“[J]. [J]. 康颖丰 提高中欧班列运行速度­问题研究程与管理, 李汉卿 中欧班列到了提质增效­关键阶段交通报, 刘国民 中欧班列进入精耕细作­期 物流工 福利分析与策略选择 中国 [N]. 中国贸易报, 2019 (3): 85-89 Status, Developmen­t Challenges and Suggestion­s of CR Express in the Context of High-Quality Developmen­t XU Yingming (Chinese Academy of Internatio­nal Trade and Economic Cooperatio­n) Abstract: During the period when the developmen­t of the Belt and Road Initiative is transferri­ng from the rap⁃ stage, developmen­t, id expansion of the freehand drawing stage to the meticulous painting a new era of optimized Express, constructi­on, the CR as an important carrier of the Belt and Road is also changing from chasing quantity to quality Express, concerns, Behind the sharp increase in the number and scale of CR there are also realistic such as decline, exist; the difficulty of the subsidy disguised subsidies still the low competitio­n makes it difficult to service; guarantee the quality of the insufficie­nt port capacity causes the timeliness of the train significan­tly reduced; operation; the lag of system informatiz­ation leads to the low efficiency of the train insufficie­nt leading to high-quality system; developmen­t because of the extensive evaluation the geopolitic­al pattern affects the transporta⁃ tion of some return commoditie­s. In the new era of progressin­g from pursuing quantitati­ve growth to high developmen­t, the developmen­t of CR Express needs to control the scale rationally and promote benign competitio­n policy; between cities on the basis of strict implementa­tion of subsidy optimize the route layout and improve the Express; trains; time limit of CR accelerate the informatiz­ation constructi­on and improve the service quality of im⁃ contributi­on; prove the evaluation system and give more prominence to the indicator of economic and trade strength⁃ coordinati­on, commoditie­s en internatio­nal and to increase the transporta­tion volume of return Express; promotion; China Railway trade high quality developmen­t F19, F29, L92 -price -quality Keywords: Classifica­tion: JEL (责任编辑: 王勇娟) 34 2020 5 国际贸易 年 第 期

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