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POLITIKE - 5 2019 E premte Shkurt 15 Valentina Madani SHPF in Albania is looking for a dynamic Execu ve Director with 5 years of relevant work experience. Under the overall supervision of Board of Directors and the President of the Associa on, the Execu ve Director is responsible for the day- to- day management of the SHPF ac vi es, services, including all substan ve and administra ve ma ers. The posi on will be based in Tirana and be offered a full me assignment. TENDER NOTIFICATION FOR CONSTRUCTION WORKS FOR NEW RESCUE AND FIRE FIGHTING STATION ( RFFS) BUILDING TIRANA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Du es & Responsibili es Manage and coordinate day- to- day SHPF ac vi es, from substan ve, administra ve and financial points of view Ensure a good rela onship with the SHPF Board members by suppor ng their opera ons. Responsible for implemen ng Board’s strategic agenda and policies. Organize and facilitate regular Board of Directors’ mee ngs Ac vely maintain exis ng members and seek out new members Ensure mely prepara on and compila on of the SHPF Annual/ Quarterly Work Plans and their submission to the Board as appropriate Prepare monthly reports for the Board on the SHPF key ac vi es, issues and required ac on points. Prepare annual/ semi- annual progress and financial reports and submit them to SHPF Board as appropriate. Ensures Commi ee’s output is delivered according to organiza on’s policies. Provide direc on and leadership in advoca ng the SHPF objec ves, in ensuring that all interested par es are well informed about the SHPF ac vi es and goals Represent SHPF as required in Albania and build professional rela onships with na onal and regional health care authori es and relevant na onal and interna onal partners to ensure the full par cipa on of a broad spectrum of na onal leadership in the iden fica on, planning and execu on of SHPF ac vi es Serve as media contact in order to enhance SHPF image Advocate the interests of the members in improving the pharmaceu cal business climate in Albania Maintain rela onships with the Government of Albania and EFPIA Tirana International Airport sh. p. k is requesting offers for construction of New Rescue and Fire Fighting Station ( RFFS) Building. TIA is looking to contract a company to undertake this project that will consist in general terms of: securing of the site, preparatory works, soil removal and excavations, drainage works, structural works, interior and exterior finish works, mechanical and electrical systems, external infrastructure including surrounding related pavement works, demolition of existing building and construction of the sport facilities. To participate in this process interested parties shall submit officially in written form the expression of interest by letter at TIA premises. After receipt of the expression of interest until deadline 15 of February 2019, TIA will provide via email the Invitation to Tender and Confidentially Commitment Document together with the respective forms. These documents and forms must be submitted filled and signed accordingly to TIA, Administration Building, Rinas, until 18 of February 2019. Required Qualifica ons/ Competencies Only to the companies that will submit the confidentiality commitment and it's forms, prequalified based to specified qualifying criteria, will be given the respective set of Instruction to Tenderers with tender documents that contain the full information for submission of the offer. 5 years of relevant working experience. A Minimum of University Degree Strong managerial skills, ability to work in a dynamic and mul purpose environment. Highly developed leadership skills including the ability to inspire, encourage and build trust and confidence. Proven experience working in service to a broad range of clients and stakeholders In depth knowledge of the pharmaceu cal market and dinamics. Solid understanding of the issues facing countries in economic transi on Excellent communica on skills both wri en and oral in both English and Albanian ( conversant). Proven ability to dra , edit and produce wri en proposals and results- focussed reports Proven experience working with Government, civil society, interna onal organiza ons and donors Experience in the usage of computers and office so ware packages ( MS Word, Excel, etc.) Familiarity with social media Strong and documented management skills and experience. He/ she should be able to set clear standards for accountability, probity, value for money and risk management; to ensure sound and transparent financial management; and deliver con nuing improvement in the SHPF effec veness and in its systems to measure and report on this The ability to think beyond tradi onal modes and to be innova ve in seeking solu ons to complex opera onal and logis cal challenges Ability to fulfill SHPF responsibility of accountability and transparency to members of the Board and other stakeholders Strong advocacy skills to be u lized in extensive public speaking, media interviews and interac on, giving tes mony to intergovernmental bodies, and advoca ng for SHPF The set of tender documents will be delivered free of charge to the prequalified companies, in a CD, on 20 of February 2019 . closed and sealed package clearly marked Offers need to be submitted in a "CONSTRUCTION WORKS FOR NEW RFFS BUILDING" The address for submission of offers is: Tirana International Airport sh. p. k Administration Building Rinas, Tirana Albania 12: 00 hrs on 18 The deadline for the submission of offers at the above address is March 2019. Any offer submitted by open means ( e. g. by e- mail, fax) will not be considered for this tender. The applica on deadline for this posi on is 27 February 2019 For further information please send an email to all following addresses: [email protected] tirana- airport. com; [email protected] tirana- airport. com; [email protected] tirana- airport. com Please submit a CV and a cover le er, sta ng your mo va on for applying and why you believe you are qualified for the posi on, to info. [email protected] gmail. com Tirana International Airport SHPK Tirana International Airport Nënë Tereza, Administration Building, Rinas, Tirana, Albania Phone: 00355 4 2381 600 Fax: 00355 4 2381 545 E- mail: [email protected] tirana- airport. com Website: www. tirana- airport. com Only successful candidates will be contacted. PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTED BY PRESSREADER PressReader. com + 1 604 278 4604 ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . 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