Art Press : 2020-07-21

COLUMN : 11 : 11


11 column THE SUBMISSION OF THE GAZE THE PRESENCE OF TIME (1) Vrin, 2012. (2) On trouvera plusieurs bons entretiens avec Lav Diaz dans la précieuse revue en ligne Que reste-t-il du cinéma?, Débordemen­ts. ——— What does the columnist do when Chronos pretends to stop? What to say of cinema if you can no longer see any recent releases or repertory films in cinemas, or artists’ films in museums? You simply have to talk about what you see and think at home. The death of cinema has been announced for years, or at least a metamorpho­sis so deep as if a death, and for years cinemas have managed to keep their audiences. This time, however, there is no doubt about it: they are closed. True, the situation isn’t fundamenta­lly so different from what it was eight years ago, when I proposed (1) Que reste-t-il du cinéma ?, What is Left of Cinema?], [ Vrin, 2012. (2) Several good interviews with Lav Diaz can be found in the precious online review Débordemen­ts.

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