Art Press : 2020-07-21

SPOTLIGHT : 33 : 33


33 spotlight Sous la conduite d’Anne Peltriaux et de Corinne Veyssière, Les arts au mur – artothèque de Pessac (22 bis, avenue Eugène et Marc Dulout) s’organise autour d’une importante collection d’oeuvres empruntabl­es et des exposition­s réalisées dans une complicité avec les artistes (Estelle Deschamp, Pierre Labat, Sébastien Vonier). À signaler aussi l’Agence Créative (76, cours de l’Argonne) de Nadia Russel Kissoon et sa galerie mobile Tinbox, les galeries Eponyme (3, rue Cornac), 5UN7 (57, rue de la Rousselle), Metavilla (79, cours de l’Argonne), Pierre Poumet (130, rue NotreDame) et BAG bakeryartg­allery (44, rue SaintFranç­ois). cultural engineerin­g and artists’ studios (Georgette Power, Lou Andréa Lassalle, Sabine Delcour and Segonduran­te). Participan­ts include Bruit du Frigo, which cross-breeds art, territorie­s and population­s in order to imagine and create other living environmen­ts, Documents d’Artistes Nouvelle-Aquitaine (documentar­y collection), Point de fuite (contempora­ry art mediator), the artistic duo The George Tremblay Show (Isabelle Fourcade and Serge Provost) and Zébra 3. Under the leadership of Frédéric Latherrade, the Zébra 3 organizati­on was first noticed in 1993 upon publicatio­n of Buy-Sellf, a mailorder artwork catalogue. It works in a “rhizomic way” and combines production, broadcasti­ng, support to artists and the programmin­g of exhibition­s. Since 2002, La Mauvaise réputation (10, rue des Argentiers), a gallery managed by Franck Piovesan and in permanent gestation, has been defending an art of diversity, blending and boldness that flirts with the margins. It has shown such artists as Gorka Mohamed, Pierre La Police, Léa Le Bricomte, Lionel Scoccimaro and Camille Lavaud. In 2015, in a former garage, (33, rue Leyteire), Irwin Marchal opened Silicone, a “springboar­d” space, thus giving free rein to young artists (Simon Rayssac, Marine Julié and Simon Quéheillar­d). With Art & Communicat­ion, Pascal Bouchaille offers other formats for the promotion of artists (Vincent Mauger, Philippe Cognée, Erwan Venn, Rachel Labastie, Amandine Pierné) and gambles on an unconventi­onal relationsh­ip between works of art and atypical spaces. In the 1990s, Nathalie Lamire Fabre created the festival Itinéraire­s des Photograph­es Voyageurs and the gallery Arrêt sur l’Image (45, cours du Médoc); she favours an approach to images that is “polyphonic and contrasted” (Bernard Plossu, but also JeanLuc Chapin, Jean-Christophe Garcia, Maitetxu Etcheverri­a). Under the leadership of Anne Peltriaux et de Corinne Veyssière, Les Arts au Mur – artothèque de Pessac (22 bis, avenue Eugène et Marc Dulout) is organized around an important collection of works that can be borrowed and exhibition­s based on a bond with the artists (Estelle Deschamp, Pierre Labat, Sébastien Vonier). Should be noted as well Nadia Russel Kissoon’s Agence Créative (76, cours de l’Argonne) and Tinbox, its mobile gallery, galleries Eponyme (3, rue Cornac), 5UN7 (57, rue de la Rousselle), Metavilla (79, cours de l’Argonne), Pierre Poumet (130, rue Notre-Dame) and BAG bakeryartg­allery (44, rue Saint-François). Translatio­n: Jessica Shapiro ——— Bordeaux is rapidly changing: a sociology that has significan­tly shifted in the past few years, an ecosystem of art structured at the instigatio­n of various places, inaugurati­ons – such as Frac Nouvelle-Aquitaine MÉCA and La Fabrique POLA in 2019. On the right bank, La Fabrique POLA (10 quai de Brazza) is all at once the showcase for an innovative and congenial cultural equipment dedicated to the public and a hybridizat­ion space devoted to the profession­al valorizati­on of the visual arts sector, and based on the values of social and fair-trade economy. It brings together actors of architectu­re, contempora­ry art, publishing, graphic design, digital technology, audiovisua­l media, Exposition de Aude Anquetil organisée par Zébra 3 à la Fabrique POLA. (© Zébra 3)

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