Art Press : 2020-07-21



34 actualités Nouvelle-Aquitaine Richard Leydier Marine Julié. « Hello Apollo ». Luxey, 2017. (Programmat­ion: Jean-François Dumont) (1) www.laforetdar­tcontempor­ ——— In 2019, La Forêt d’Art Contempora­in (1) celebrated its tenth anniversar­y. Although there had been a first oeuvre – Claire Roudenko-Bertin’s –, shown in 2004 at Garein, the organizati­on was in fact born in 2009. And it took all the energy of many personalit­ies in order to disseminat­e the monumental sculptures in various locations of the Landes, a region of such particular horizon with its maritime pines stretching as far as the eye can see: among others, artist and founding member Christophe Doucet, Irwin Marchal, current curator until 2022, Didier Arnaudet, artists Laurent Le Deunff or JeanFranco­is Dumont. The Forest is run by the Marquèze Ecomuseum in Sabres and its director, Lydie Palaric.

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