Art Press : 2020-04-20

DOSSIER : 50 : 50


50 dossier Aurélie Cavanna ——— Fascinated by the mathematic­al principles that rule the universe, Pep Vidal describes himself as an “artist + scientist”. His physics PhD in hand, he delved into infinitesi­mal calculus and what it allows us to grasp: these “systems” that are sensitive, complex, constantly animated with minute changes that generate much bigger ones. After discoverin­g the works of Cindy Sherman and Sophie Calle, Vidal blended his life – and thus humankind’s place in the world – with his research. Drawing is not the only component of his practice, but it is present, connected and independen­t, at all stages of his projects. Since 2016, he has been watching the evolution of a florist’s entire stock of flowers, which he moved into his studio. In 2017, he wondered what was perfectly flat (apart from the silicon atom). In 2015, he became interested in the magnetic North pole, a point that, amazingly, randomly wanders. For Drawing Now – also represente­d by ADN gallery (Barcelona) –, Vidal exhibits, with LMNO gallery (Brussels), three drawings that mark the beginning of (another) interestin­g experiment: following a single cloud, from birth to death, and recreating it in 3D through photogramm­etry, which no one has ever done before. These drawings show his accurate and peculiar thoughts, including the fate of a cloud and the vantage points needed to measure it. But how to predict its birth, track it without losing sight of it, given the “360 degrees of freedom” afforded by the wind? With Vidal, science becomes wildly poetic, scoffing, in passing, at our categories of thought. Translatio­n: Jessica Shapiro « Following Clouds until They Disappear ». 2019. Encre sur papier. 30 x 42 cm. (Ph. Pep Vidal)

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