Art Press : 2020-04-20

DOSSIER : 55 : 55


55 dossier Phlippe Ducat Série « Chaos » (planche 4). « Que La Lumiere Soit ». De haut en bas / from top: Rotring à l’encre de Chine sur papier. 10 x 65 cm. Série « Chaos » (planche 4). « Up There ». Rotring à l’encre de Chine sur papier. 27 x 19 cm Stanislas Moussé, he overcrowds his panels. A bit like the “Art brut” artists’ irrepressi­ble propensity to fill up space. However, when it comes to chaos, everything is perfectly controlled and composed. The story itself is rather mysterious and cryptograp­hic. The tiny inhabitant­s of a peaceful village are wiped out by unfriendly giants. Only two have escaped the massacre and spend the whole time fleeing various dangers. The entire book is silent, there is not one single word.The point of the book is purely graphic, in abundance of details. Robert Crumb’s stories are also rather dull, but the drawing is a perpetual delight. The small format Indian ink panels are drawn perfectly straight with a Rotring pen. There is practicall­y no difference between the print and the original. his next graphic novel published by Tripode, is being released this month. It will still be just as crypto-medieval, but more graphic. Had it been a leporello instead of a traditiona­l graphic novel, we would have been treated to a burlesque revisit of the Bayeux Tapestry. Translatio­n: Jessica Shapiro Longue Vie, ——— Stanislas Moussé first drew attention to himself after his book, was published by Super Loto in 2018. We then discovered a black-and-white neo-ligne claire graphic universe, in a medieval environmen­t closer to the Monty Pythons than to Michael Wolgemut. Some drawings greatly call to mind those Erik Satie would create for his small and fanciful fake advertisem­ent cards. As for Chaos, Stanislas Moussé Né en / born 1986 à / in Nantes Vit dans le massif des Bauges Publicatio­ns : 2018 Chaos, Super Loto éditions 2020 Longue vie, Le Tripode

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