Art Press : 2020-04-20

DOSSIER : 61 : 61


« Je m’imagine les jours a?venir ». 2019. Dessin à la pierre noire. 25 x 36cm. (© Mathieu Dufois) cave, he drew animals in the middle of a forest, having first photograph­ed them in the flesh at night, in the light of a flashlight. An echo to the cave paintings, these silhouette­s, blurred by light in the darkness, seem to be in motion, condensing the past and the present. In 2018, during another residency, this archaeolog­ist of images was brought face to face with the Fayum portraits and the brightness of the Egyptian desert.The unpreceden­ted result is presented at Centre de Création Contempora­ine Olivier Debré in Tours (until 15 June 2020), as well as the Praz-Delavallad­e gallery in Paris (until 23 May 2020). Simultaneo­usly, concretely extending the limits of the paper, Dufois creates models and animated films.These can be seen in film!, the exhibition held in the basement of the fair, in partnershi­p with Cinémathèq­ue française and its collection of drawings that converses with the works of artists participat­ing in Drawing Now. In this collection, Dufois was looking for traces of an unmade film, a new memory-matter: a watercolou­r by scenograph­er Alexandre Trauner, preparator­y drawing for the set of Marcel Carné’s (1947), which only had three days of filming. With his model, Dufois recreates this fragment of a set. It is, like the others, the location for his film where archives appear. Dufois is among the five nominees for the Drawing Now prize. I hope he wins. Translatio­n: Jessica Shapiro Mathieu Dufois Né en / born 1984 à / in Chartres Vit et travaille à / lives in Tours Exposition­s récentes (sélection) / Recent shows: 2017 Pôle internatio­nal de la préhistoir­e, Les Eyzies-de-Tayac-Sireuil ; Silencio, Paris 2018 La Galerie particuliè­re, Paris Galerie Claire Gastaud, Clermont-Ferrand ; Cinéma Le Cratère, Toulouse 2019 Art [] Collector, Patio Opéra, Paris La Fleur de l’Âge Tout un

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